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  • Paladino’s Response to Nonsensical Diatribe

    Carl Paladino, Buffalo Board of Education, Park District Representative:

    This is my personal response to the attached writing of Barbara Nevergold and Florence Johnson.

    The letter clearly illustrates that Barbara Nevergold, Florence Johnson and the rest of the present Board of Education majority continue to be pathetically out of touch with 21st Century reality. One can no longer rewrite history or provide lame excuses for his or her incompetency and failures of the past.

    Johnson offers no explanation for or even recognition of the failures of the system during her long tenure on the Board.

    Nevergold’s nonsensical diatribe clearly illustrates where the cataclysmic dysfunction in the BPS came from. The present Board majority have blamed SED for all of the problems they themselves created.

    Discussions at the Board table are comical at best.  It’s like talking to uninformed, uneducated, scheming, clueless and contriving pretenders and conspirators with no concept of their responsibilities or competency to solve problems and certainly a major problem with transparency, fairness and truth.

    They have expressed their hatred for SED and John King for years.  They lie about their inability to meet John King. He in fact invited them to Albany and after a couple of adjournments they aborted the meeting.  Only now they plea to engage him.  Too late.

    The incoming Board majority in fact asked Nevergold if she would consider the position of Executive Vice President for the coming school year over 40 days ago. She was so busy scheming to appoint Mary Guinn as interim Superintendent that she never replied and the offer was withdrawn in favor of Jay McCarthy.

    Arguing that 70% of the children are minority, they think that they, and not the citizens of the City of Buffalo, own the BPS and that it’s their little private piggy bank and source of jobs for their friends and family clubs who keep them in power. They have little regard for the plight of the children and families they have destroyed and, certainly, the overall effect of the dysfunction on the decay of the City and flight of the working class from the City over the last 20 years.

    Their ignorance is terrifying. They actually advocate that African American children should only be taught in a district led by African Americans no matter what shortcomings those leaders have.

    They actually expected to give Pamela Brown on the job training in the most dysfunctional school district in New York State with 46 out of 57 schools failing under State standards, a 46% graduation rate and violence and bullying everywhere.

    They haven’t sought the best Superintendents, no matter what the color. They gave us three less than competent Superintendents in Harris, Williams and Brown and in turn our elected and private sector leadership abrogated their responsibility to the community when they allowed the consideration of diversity to take precedence over competency.

    They have no interest in ending the cycle of poverty in our urban center where the masses and 34,000 children suffer. The irony is that they talk the talk and say they do what they do for the kids but their actions are directed solely at their own empowerment. They think nothing of displacing 500 kids at MLK in June when there are no slots available in performing schools.

    They actually argue that spending $32,000 per year to pay for their attendance periodically at conferences [vacations] all over the nation help them with their responsibilities.

    The present Board majority never expected that the people of the City would vote so overwhelmingly to change the status quo and install a new Board majority, none of whom, for the first time in decades, are beholding to the crooked thinking, election rigging, diabolical BTF President Phil Rumore, who only commands respect from the small percentage of teachers who think they are “owed,” and seek to bleed the last drop of blood from the District.

    Finally, Barbara Nevergold sees nothing wrong, unethical, immoral or illegal with taking campaign support from NYSUT and the BTF, the chief adversaries of the people of the City, who she is charged to represent.

    Becoming irrelevant will be very difficult for the present Board majority.


    Letter from Barbara A. Seals Nevergold, Board President

    and Florence Johnson, Member at Large: 

    Buffalo Board of Education’s New Majority Majority:

    In a stunning demonstration of lack of openness and transparency, West District Board member, James Sampson and incoming At-Large Board member, Larry Quinn purportedly met with State Education Department Commissioner John King in a secret meeting on June 6, 2014 in Albany, New York.  As of this date, there has been no acknowledgement that this meeting occurred nor has any information been shared with the Board about the discussion with Dr. King.  Although Mr. Sampson has acknowledged publicly that he was contacted by outgoing Deputy Commissioner, Ken Slentz regarding keeping Martin Luther King Jr. Institute open rather than closing it even after the state directed the District to close the school. The current Board President was not contacted or involved in any discussions on this matter prior to this information becoming public. Interestingly enough, it appears that the state leadership is behaving as though Mr. Sampson is in the leadership position of Board President, even though the current Board President maintains the position until an election is held July 1, 2014 and there is an official change in officers.

    It is also significant to note that communication was woefully lacking with the state during the current leadership of the Board and Superintendent from the Commissioner’s office with most communication coming with lambasting and judgmental comments in the newspaper and edits from the state with little or no regard for collaboration, openness, or transparency. Yet, each of these expectations has been consistently asked of this Board and administration. I might also point out that there have been several earlier attempts by the current Board President to obtain a meeting with Commissioner King, involving other Board members and the Superintendent, all were unsuccessful.

    As we continue to address the state’s requirements regarding Martin Luther King Jr. Institute from a letter dated May 28, 2014 along with the decisions regarding Bennett High School and School 115/97, we can say with certainty that neither the scheduling of this meeting nor the agenda has been shared with many current Board members.  But given the obvious and widely reported actions that the new Majority, Majority Board intends to reverse the approval of changes in several schools, it would not be inaccurate to surmise that several topics from that agenda were and have been under discussion for some time.  And quite frankly given the recent events, in and out of the Board room, of this last week it would appear that the fix was in and a part of the grand scheme to take over the Board and the District although the majority of the students in the District are students of color.  The community should pay special attention to actions and promises made regarding the following issues:

    1)       After approval of the decision to close Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute Elementary school and open the Medical Campus School in the building, on very short notice the State has determined that the school can remain open for one more year.  Presumably to give more time to plan for placement of the current children, but in the meantime word is that a new charter school will take over the building following this year.  This school will be a Pre-K to 3rd grade school which will necessitate the displacement of children in another year and ultimately closure of Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute School. Board Member James Sampson reportedly stated at a recent Board meeting that there was interest in the school as a charter school. I ask you to be mindful of the desire by charter proponents of newly renovated schools in the District. Will all of these schools, including East all become charters under this New Majority, Majority Board after having spent millions of taxpayers’ dollars to meet the needs of the very children who will not be allowed to attend these schools or who will be admitted initially and returned to Buffalo Public Schools as it is done every year.

    2)      The Medical Campus School, supported by the funding of a $3.9 million dollar grant from the Department of Labor will be thrown into limbo, hopefully merely placed on hold rather than jeopardized, with the push by the New Majority, Majority to place it at East High School, a priority school under management of Johns Hopkins University, the District’s Educational Partnership Organization.

    3)      The merger of School 115 (the former Pinnacle charter school) with School 97 has been moving forward.  However, although the current Board has not been apprised of the discussion, it appears that the State has found the money to keep paying the lease of school 115 in its current location.  Yet, prior conversations with the State have resulted in a firm answer that no extension of the lease payments from the State would be made because the District has too many vacant seats.

    4)      The Commissioner has mandated that a turnaround plan be created for Bennett High School utilizing the upcoming school year to plan the academic program components of the school. A response from the plan submitted by the District for Bennett indicated that it was ambitious. Therefore, the District should take more time to work with the school community to submit an “approvable” plan due to State Ed by September 1st.  Following a comprehensive selection process by a broad representation of parents and community, Dr. Constance Moss was recommended as the consultant to develop that plan.  Dr. Moss’ contract came up for a vote on June 11th.  But prior to the vote she was told by Mr. Paladino that her services wouldn’t be needed as the school was going to be closed.  True to form, votes cast against the consultant contract by Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Paladino and Mr. Sampson resulted in Dr. Moss not being hired.  The plan is to allow the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood to come back to Bennett and convert the school to a Charter school. I ask you if this course of events from the response to the District’s plan for Bennett High School to conjured up acts of violence and discipline, the unfounded attack on the leadership at the school, to the most recent decision to decrease the time that the consultant has to write the plan by denial of the contract, a part of the grand scheme which includes the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood?

    It seems that the New Majority, Majority has a direct link to the Buffalo News. In fact, the June 14th Buffalo News Editorial, in trying to make a case for the plans of the incoming power block of the Board, regurgitates their stance along with a series of half-truths and misrepresentations.

    • The “last-minute conversion of Pinnacle Charter School into Public School 115” was the result of the State Education Department’s closure order, two weeks before school started.  The Buffalo Schools and its staff did a yeoman’s job in stepping in and creating a smooth transition for the students at Pinnacle in a short period of time.
    • The State’s correspondence regarding the plan for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus never stated that “the middle school component of the new facility was poorly planned”.  They stated that the plan was ambitious and they approved moving forward with grades 9 and 10 for that school.
    • The State never articulated a problem with the District’s plan to merge School 97 and 115; however they did refuse a request to provide reimbursement for the lease of the building that currently houses 115 because of all the vacant seats throughout the District.
    • At its meeting of June 11th, the Board did not approve the contract with Consultant Dr. Constance Moss, who was selected by a review panel of Bennett constituents to develop a plan.  Dr. Moss’ contract failed because Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Sampson and Mr. Paladino refused to vote for the contract, in essence creating difficulty for the District to provide the State mandated plan within the proscribed time period. However, the District has succeeded in the past even under the worst of odds and we believe Dr. Moss will create an “approvable” plan.

    Finally, the talk all over the City, County, Western New York and State for that matter is that BOCES retiring Superintendent Don Ogilvie is going to be the next Superintendent.  How is that for transparency and openness?  We have not even posted the position, finalized a job description, set up any interviews or discussed candidate merits. Our instincts tell us that this is not the only high level position that has been spoken for. Time will tell……….

    Barbara A. Seals Nevergold, Board President

    Florence Johnson, Member at Large

  • How can the Buffalo Public School Superintendent participate in an election that will determine who her bosses will be, paid for by the union?

    From: Carl Paladino <>
    Date: May 2, 2014 at 3:17:01 PM PDT
    To: Sandra Tan <>, Tiffany Lankes <>
    Cc: everybody <>

    Here you are worried about some Buffalo businessmen putting a total of $50k into the BOE election while the BTF is putting $500k into the election paying for the lies in the ad by the Supt that all is well in the Buffalo Public Schools. How can the Supt participate in an election that will determine who her bosses will be paid for by the union. She is clearly conflicted. How can a union legitimately and materially adversely influence and help determine who their management adversary will be and with whom they will negotiate contracts?  That constitutes conflict and undue influence.   Where are the parents and taxpayers protected?  This is the primary reason we have today the most dysfunctional school district in New York.


  • Memo to NY Republican Chairman Ed Cox

    To: Ed Cox, NY Republican Chairman

    From: Carl Paladino

    CC: Rob Astorino and the Republican and Conservative County Chairs


    I‘m asking all those who receive this open memo to forward it on to your friends and family and contact NY Republican Chairman Ed Cox to let him know how you feel about this issue:

    Republican Party of NYS
    315 State Street, Albany, NY 12219
    (518) 462-2601

    Ed, I’m sorry for the delayed response.  I had a terrible chest   cold.  Yes, I am determined to do everything I can to see that the   tyrant Andrew Cuomo is beat this year.

    Rob convinced me that to further support a draft Trump campaign while saying   that Rob can’t raise money and doesn’t have the name recognition was hurting   him, so I am dropping the Trump initiative and I will be quiet on and support   Rob’s ability to raise money.

    Considering your present strategy, I cannot support the convention   sponsorship.  I would be violating the trust of the people I speak for   who despise the Albany cesspool and the RINO legislators who have forgotten   where they came from.

    You have a strategy and identity problem with the Republican base upstate and   on Long Island.  They are the framework of the coalition necessary to   beat Cuomo.  They include Democrats, Independents, Republicans and   Conservatives, (the gun owners, Independents and Reagan Democrats who are fed   up with the liberal bubble.)  They will not engage because they don’t   trust the losing strategy of you and the candidate.

    They do not understand how Rob can rail against the SAFE Act but refuses to   denounce the treacherous Dean Skelos, the one person most responsible for the   second amendment infringement.  If Skelos and his RINO pals go untouched   this year, next year he will join the re-elected lame duck Cuomo in SAFE Act, round two.

    The ranks are tired of weak and phony career driven Republican legislators   and tone deaf legislative and political leadership who don’t provide them   with an opposition government that advances Republican/Conservative values   primarily because they are complicit feeding at the public trough with the  Democrats.  The gutless and complicit Skelos promotes a defensive game,   saying that Republicans can keep a Senate majority by doing as Cuomo demands,   rather than leading a determined offense to show the people why they should   elect Republicans.  The County chairs who showed up in Trump’s office appear ready to lead us to a cleansed party.  You don’t.

    The ranks will not engage with you because you don’t take them seriously and   you still want to play the Albany 2 step with their lives and futures.    You and Rob are adhering to the same frustrating losing strategy of the past,   promising a different result. Many of the downstate leadership have already   laid down on Rob.

    The ranks think Rob is trying to get elected by walking between the rain   drops. He needs to energize his base and the press.  He will be a   great governor but first he must get elected.  He must lead from the front   and throw real punches to show his commitment to cleanse the Party before he   can take on the evil tyrant.  Fracking, the Moreland Commission dismissal and the SAFE Act issues are the paramount edge to winning this   year, but the ranks will not get on the bus with a candidate who doesn’t have   an unequivocal plan to destroy Skelos and cleanse the Republican Party of   traitors.  Last year’s local elections won’t repeat on a statewide level   because Rob’s strategy does not appeal to the necessary coalition of voters   to register their friends and families.

    By refusing to engage the RINOs you are creating distrust and illustrating   terrible weakness.  Appearances are that you seek to perpetuate the   Albany cesspool and appease the same old irrelevant power brokers who are now   greed driven lobbyists.  You are viewed upstate as a New York City   establishment elitist out of touch with the needs of the people and pandering   to the likes of Vinnie Reda, Al D’Amato, Mondello, Skelos and Kolb and over   6,000 lobbyists.  You articulate well on many issues but you don’t use   your bully pulpit to demand the support and loyalty of our legislative   delegation.  You say you can’t control them and you want party   unity.  The Republican/Conservative ranks do not want to be unified with   RINOs.

    We don’t want the Republican Party to continue its fall into the abyss.    I will not support or encourage others to support your losing strategy.

    Denouncing Skelos and the RINOs, will establish Rob as a leader of   Republican/Conservative principles and values for the future.  It will   give the ranks a reason to rally behind him as a leader who will be different   and clean up the Albany cesspool.




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