• Carl Paladino Letter to Jimmy Vielkind, Times Union

    Dear Jimmy:

    Jimmy, I’m writing this letter to you as I believe you to be the most glaring example of the hideous and dysfunctional Albany press corps.

    Do you really believe there was a $10 billion budget deficit last year?  Hello! ! ! Jimmy.  Are you paying attention?  Did you ever see a line item summary of Cuomo’s budget deficit or how it was resolved?  Of course not.  You’re too shallow for that type of analyses.  You trust Andy & Co. a/k/a the Albany establishment.  Why would they deceive the people?  After all, there is total transparency in Cuomo’s administration, isn’t there? Read more ›

  • Paladino again rails against city schools

    Carl P. Paladino re-emerged into the public eye Wednesday — and he’s still mad as hell.

    The former Republican candidate for governor gave the Board of Education a tongue-lashing during the public comment portion of its meeting, reviving many previous complaints about Buffalo Public Schools.

    “My remarks are directed at the collective board, which should be ashamed for its functional paralysis and inability to implement change necessary to deal with core problems,” he said. Read more ›


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