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  • Paladino’s Podium: Niagara Co. Conservative chair should leave Lorigo alone

    I was shocked to read the statement yesterday by Niagara County Conservative Party Chairman Dan Weiss that amounted to a personal attack on Erie County Conservative Party Chairman Ralph Lorigo.

    Weiss’ accusation that Ralph abandoned true conservative principles is a despicable lie. It appears that Weiss was the messenger for the treacherous Dean Skelos and Al D’Amato and their cohorts who are desperately trying to salvage Mark Grisanti after he sold his integrity and character to boost Andrew Cuomo.

    They have no right to slander the good name of a true conservative leader doing what they don’t have the guts to do. Read more ›

  • Memo To Dean Skelos


     To: Dean SkelosCc: N.Y. State Senate Republican CaucusN.Y. State Republican Party County ChairsEd Cox, N.Y. State Republican Party ChairmanBrian Kolb, N.Y. State Assembly Minority ChairmanN.Y. State Assembly Republican CaucusN.Y. State Conservative Party County ChairsMichael Long, N.Y. State Conservative Party ChairmanAll PressEverybody ElseFrom: Carl PaladinoDate: February 29, 2012Re: Free Republican Caucus InitiativeDean, it is obvious to most of the Republican rank and file in New York thatyour actions over the last 13 months describe a man incapable of representing the interests of the Republican Party. Your self-serving and weak demeanor and participation in illusion andtheatrics in Read more ›
  • Carl Paladino Calls for Dean Skelos’ Immediate Resignation

    2010 gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino isn’t too happy with Dean Skelos.

    A letter Mr. Paladino is circulating called the Senate majority leader and fellow Republican “incompetent or diabolical.”

    “Your self-serving and weak demeanor and participation in illusion and theatrics in dealing with the Governor, Sheldon Silver and the establishment cabal in Albany are an affront to the people who worked so hard to elect a Republican senate majority only to be thrown under the bus,” Mr. Paladino wrote in the letter, which was also sent to various leaders of the New York Republican Party, the press, and “Everyone Else.” Read more ›


    Free Republican Caucus Initiative Statement
    From Carl P. Paladino

    The policies of Andrew Cuomo, Dean Skelos and Sheldon Silver in 2011 and 2012 were the same old deception and theatrics of the Albany insider establishment. Were the three in cahoots? Only a fool would believe otherwise.

    The Republican Party must clean up its own house before it will be capable of challenging the problems of the state. The insidious Skelos must resign or be deposed as majority leader of the Senate immediately. We will support republican candidates who agree to a simple pledge stated at the end of this memo. Included are a slate of republican primary candidates to oppose Mark Grisanti, James Alessi, Roy McDonald and Stephen Saland, all of whom showed a lack of integrity and respect for those who elected them. Read more ›

  • Political watching and waiting

    Updated: February 26, 2012, 8:34 AM

    Some things to know about politics in Erie County and New York State:

    • Card-carrying political junkies are salivating over a potential mother of all congressional primaries should reapportionment pit Democratic incumbents Kathy Hochul and Brian Higgins against each other. It would be a barn burner.

    But others are more realistically looking toward the general election. Now, some Republicans and Conservatives are urging Republican Dennis Vacco — the former attorney general — to take on Higgins this year. Name recognition is no problem for a onetime statewide office holder; he carried Western New York even when he narrowly lost re-election in 1998, and the bet here is he never threw out his old fund-raising list. Read more ›


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