• Open Letter to Janet Duprey

    Janet, I endorsed Karen Bisso for your Assembly seat, not only because she is highly qualified and will advance the issues and principals of her republican constituents, but also because you have arrogantly illustrated in every possible respect that you do not understand your duties and responsibilities nor do you respect the damage that you have done in supporting the agenda of Andrew Cuomo.

    If you want to be a Democrat, you should re-register. To hold yourself out as a Republican is a fraud not only upon the people that you represent, but all of the Republican rank and file in the State of New York.

    Without opposition, the Albany Democrat and RINO “establishment” will continue their path of corruption and destruction. You were elected by the Republican opposition to advance the Republican agenda. Read more ›

  • Carl Paladino Endorses Kicinski for Congress

    Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino announced his endorsement of Michael Kicinski for Congress, New York District 22.

    Kicinski stands for a limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. He will work toward a practical balanced budget and lower taxes with real budget cuts. He would work to reduce or eliminate onerous government regulations and mandates – to result in business and job growth. “New York lost two Read more ›

  • Timon takes to the water

    New rowing program earns local, state titles

    Ask Tom Graham about rowing in South Buffalo, and he has a folder full of memories to show you. There’s the picture of him being thrown in the water after his Timon crew won the All-Catholic regatta in 1958, or the picture of his grandfather coaching from a dock on the Buffalo River at the Mutual Rowing Club — in 1906.

    He’s one of many links to a proud history of rowing on the Buffalo River, and thanks to a community truly pulling its oars together, South Buffalo has started to add to it again.

    The recent establishment of the Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association, a rowing club, enabled Bishop Timon-St. Jude to restart its program this year on the same stretch of the Buffalo River where the school used to race nearly 40 years ago — and they are already winning championships. Read more ›

  • Construction set to begin on fourth Family Dollar in Elmira

    Written by G. Jeffrey Aaron
    Ithaca Journal
    Full Article

    The construction of the Elmira area’s fourth Family Dollar store, planned for a now-vacant parcel near West Hudson and South Main streets on the city’s southside, is expected to begin by early summer.

    The 8,300 square-foot building that will house the store is being built by the Ellicott Development Co. of Buffalo. When the construction is done, the building will then be leased to Family Dollar on a long-term basis, said William Paladino, Ellicott’s CEO. Read more ›

  • Cuomo has failed to keep campaign promises

    To the Editor:

    Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney recently said on Jim Reith’s new podcast, ”I hope there’s nobody right now that we’re this far into it that thinks we would have been better off with Carl Paladino.” Well, I don’t think, I know we’d be better off with Paladino as governor. Gov. Andrew Cuomo campaigned on a number of promises. While his words sounded good, Cuomo’s actions have fallen short.

    Cuomo promised to veto partisan redistricting plans. When the maps were released and the gerrymandered districts revealed, only the courts took action. Cuomo signed off and claimed a victory. Even former Gov. David Paterson knew that the lines were drawn with incumbents, rather than the people, in mind. Read more ›


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