• An Urgent Appeal to Aid Our Campaign for Environmental Justice

    For years we have aggressively fought to protect our heritage, preserve our health and save our city from irreparable damage at the hands of a rampant public authority.  We have fought this Environmental Injustice in State and Federal court, as well as the Court of Public Opinion.

    We are entirely self-funded, and have waged this battle at great financial cost. Read more ›

  • Bridge Authority Purchases Episcopal Home Lien

    The Public Bridge Authority last week settled $8 million of the roughly $15 million in liens associated with the Episcopal Church home for $1 million. The PBA wants the property for its proposed plaza expansion.

    Apparently, somebody gave Mayor Byron Brown a good talking to. And he got the message. The soft spot—for a political moment, anyway—in the solid wall of official agreement on the need to demolish the Busti Avenue row to expand the Peace Bridge plaza for a new Duty Free store, the mayor is speaking out now in behalf of the expansion plan. Read more ›

  • Petition Summary

    The Niagara County Republican machine run by George Maziarz has for years monopolized the political landscape in Niagara County by controlling all political parties.

    Maziarz’s political cohorts sign up to become members of the Conservative, Independence, Working Families and Green Party. They then circulate petitions to elect their people as Committeemen and Candidates. They put party members on Committee petitions without their knowledge or consent, which then allows their core managing internal group, or quorum, to dominate party business. The sham candidates are unaware that they are even on the committee. Read more ›

  • Senator George Maziarz Boy George, the influence peddler

    By Carl P. Paladino

    Over the years Senator George Maziarz has placed many members of his friends and family club as employees of the New York State Power Authority, many in very high paying positions.

    This effort was conducted with total disregard of the Peter Principal which is defined as the attempt to promote or place people in positions above their level of competence. Read more ›


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