• Hey Stan, it’s your turn to leave now. Your newspaper is a disgrace to the people of Western New York.

    Andy says his accomplishments were behind the scenes. You must admit that like you, he has an enormous ego to go along with his condescending arrogance. The similarities are amazing. For Andy it’s been 20 years on the job and he has absolutely no legacy. The only difference with you is that it’s been over 30 years. Andy’s sole purpose has been to keep his thumb on elected officials and various board appointees so he can feed information to the group of 18 pompous blowhards who keep a lid on the community so they can enjoy the status quo which suits their pocketbooks just fine. You have used your newspaper to accomplish the same end.
    The many good former employees who left the Partnership over the years say they left solely because of Andy’s tyrannical ways. They have nothing good to say about the man. Those who left the News say the same thing about how you interfere and editorialize. Read more ›


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