• Board of Ed Budget and John King Request

    Barbara Smith, CFO

    City of Buffalo – Board of Education

    City Hall

    65 Niagara Square

    Buffalo, NY  14202

    Re:         Board of Education

    Dear Ms. Smith:

    This letter shall serve as my request for a complete line item budget of the Buffalo School System for the present fiscal year.

    It is also my understanding that a proposed budget for the next fiscal year is being considered and I would like a copy of the same.

    This letter shall also serve as my request that the Board of Education publish on its website its complete line item budget for the current fiscal year. Read more ›

  • Paladino wins Buffalo School Board seat

    To: Buffalo Board of Education
    From: Carl P. Paladino
    Date: May 8, 2013
    Cc: Everybody

    Yesterday the children of our City won a battle in their reach for a real opportunity for an education. The people of the Park District sent out a clear message to the rest of the City that amateur hour is over and failed leadership must be replaced with competent, informed and experienced leadership, not from out of town but from within our hometown.

    We don’t have to go beyond the County line to find good leadership familiar with our turf, our people and our problems who are ready to hit the ground running. Much of the wasted collaboration, rhetoric, laid back attitude with no sense of urgency will be obviated with competent leadership. Read more ›


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