• Memo to NY Republican Chairman Ed Cox

    To: Ed Cox, NY Republican ChairmanFrom: Carl Paladino

    CC: Rob Astorino and the Republican and Conservative County Chairs


    I‘m asking all those who receive this open memo to forward it on to your friends and family and contact NY Republican Chairman Ed Cox to let him know how you feel about this issue:

    Republican Party of NYS
    315 State Street, Albany, NY 12219
    (518) 462-2601

    Ed, I’m sorry for the delayed response.  I had a terrible chest   cold.  Yes, I am determined to do everything I can to see that the   tyrant Andrew Cuomo is beat this year.

    Rob convinced me that to further support a draft Trump campaign while saying   that Rob can’t raise money and doesn’t have the name recognition was hurting   him, so I am dropping the Trump initiative and I will be quiet on and support   Rob’s ability to raise money. Read more ›

  • Resignation as Superintendent

    To:      Pamela Brown, Superintendent
    From:  Carl P. Paladino
    Cc:      Board of Education
    Re:      Resignation as Superintendent
    Date:   April 9, 2014

    I implore you to have the decency to resign immediately.  You have only   added to the chaos and dysfunction of the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) since   your arrival.  Morale in every constituency can’t get lower.  You   do not have the ability to be a Superintendent. ON the job training in a   dysfunctional district doesn’t work. Your lying and scheming are off the   chart.  The July 1, 2014 Board of Education (BOE) will discharge you for   cause.  It won’t be pretty.  A buyout would be an insult to the   32,000 children in the district who have had to wait another year for an   opportunity for an education.

    Mary Guinn has been propping you up and acting as the de-facto   Superintendent.  Her end game is to have the BOE majority extend her   contract, rehire and give contracts to Yamilette Williams and Faith Alexander   as principals so as to make it necessary to buyout all three.  We all   remember that you lied twice to the BOE when asked if it was your intention   to rehire Mary Guinn.  Some of your other lies, schemes and   incompetencies are: Read more ›


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