• Sniper’s Response to Michael Moore

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    (This is a ‘forward’)

    On Monday, Americans learned that the box office premiere of American Sniper, a movie about the life of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, shattered all box office records bringing in $90.2 million. By the end of the holiday weekend, the movie was expected to have a grand total of $105 million. Progressive filmmaker Michael Moore used this moment as a time to go on the attack against snipers with his tweet calling them cowards.

    This was seen as not only an insult to the legacy of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, credited with being the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, but also an insult to all American military snipers and all who put on the uniform in service to our country. Read more ›

  • This Man is a Criminal

    Roger Stone

    This was written back on October 5, 2010:

    Carl Paladino has made no secret of his disdain for Sheldon Silver, but the Republican candidate for governor went further Tuesday during a Crain’s breakfast forum when he called the speaker of the Assembly “a criminal.”

    Mr. Paladino said the Democrat should be investigated for stifling legislation that would presumably hurt his legal practice and for not disclosing how much money he makes as a personal injury lawyer at Weitz & Luxenberg.

    “The man is a criminal, and don’t make him look like anything else,” Mr. Paladino said during his first in-depth public forum before a New York audience.

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    Photo: William Farrington                             Photo: Sheldon Silver (Chad Rachman/New York Post)


    By: Gary L Perry
    Waverly, NY

    “The man is a criminal.  Don’t make him look like anything else.”

    It was October, 2010 when Buffalo real estate developer Carl Paladino made this bold statement against Sheldon Silver, the powerful Speaker of the New York Assembly.  Paladino made the allegation during his unsuccessful run for Governor on the Republican ticket against Andrew Cuomo.

    Most people in the media and on the Democratic side scoffed at Paladino’s charges, dismissing it as just another brash statement made by a candidate trailing in the polls.  Today, many of those same people are reconsidering their opinion of Paladino in light of Silver’s recent arrest by federal authorities on felony charges that include fraud, extortion and conspiracy.

    Bold statements are nothing new for Carl Paladino.  He’s turned more than a few heads and created considerable controversy with words he’s spoken both as a successful real estate developer and political candidate.  His penchant for taking to task power brokers statewide with pointed, pull-no-punches blue-collar rhetoric has offended some and rallied others.

    Carl Paladino sees himself as the political equivalent of an umpire in baseball.  He calls them as he sees them, and political correctness be dammed.

    “If it looks like a pig and smells like a pig, chances are it’s a pig,” Paladino says.  “And in New York, we have a lot of political pigs stinking up Albany.”

    Just how dirty New York politics has become is the question.  The upcoming trial of Sheldon Silver may provide answers to questions people across the Empire State are asking.   One person who will be watching the proceedings is Carl Paladino.

    “The cesspool we call the New York Assembly is about to flushed out,” Paladino predicts.  “If federal investigators do their job right, the criminal element in Albany will be exposed and it’s been a long time coming.”

    It is disconcerting to see Preet Bharara stand alone in taking down those who feed at the public trough while our other eunuchs, charged to protect the public trust –the US Attorneys, the State Attorney General and County District Attorneys –conveniently look the other way. Bharara nailed the biggest fish first. Skelos is next followed by Cuomo, Libous and Maziarz, who are in the “on deck” circle.

    One thing is for sure:  when Carl Paladino makes a prediction, more New Yorkers will be paying close attention.






  • The $1.4 Billion Dollar Question

    lou ciminelli by Jamie Moses Is Something Smelly in Schools Deal with Ciminelli? On January 5, the Buffalo News reported that the Buffalo School Board was questioning LP Ciminelli’s profits during the billion-dollar schools construction project. That’s not surprising, considering in the last phase of the “billion dollar” project $28 million was vaguely listed as “incidental costs” and $41 million was simply unaccounted for. Since LP Ciminelli refused to provide details of their costs, school board members Larry Quinn and Carl Paladino, who are also developers and knowledgeable in construction costs, demanded an audit to discover how much Ciminelli was paid and how much was actually spent on construction. “That information is proprietary,” company spokesman Kevin C. Schuler told the Buffalo News. That’s been the company line from the beginning. In 2006, a state comptrollers audit couldn’t verify $24 million in expenses and Ciminelli called those expenses “Proprietary Information” also and refused to explain. But in the original schools construction contract signed by Mayor Masiello and Ciminelli Management on June 4, 2002, the company agreed to share Proprietary Information–Article XV (ii). The contract recognized Proprietary Information might contain “business information and trade secrets” and declared that the School Board and other school officials or groups associated with the project “shall not divulge, disclose or disseminate Proprietary Information to any third party without prior written consent of the Program Provider.” The contract goes on in part (iii) to designate “the Chief Operating Officer of the District as its agent for receiving Proprietary Information.” Ciminelli Management signed off on it but no information was ever provided. Read more ›


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