• Obama, can it get any worse?

    By Fred Alexander

    Obama would allow Iran to have nuclear weapons after 10 years of halting uranium enrichment.

    Netanyahu, has done his utmost to ensure Israel’s security. In pursuit of this goal he planned to bomb Iran in 2012 to set back their nuclear program but was prevented from doing so by Obama’s leaks and pressures.

    During the election campaign, Congressman Boehner, Speaker of the House, invited Netanyahu to address a joint session of the House and he leapt at the opportunity. Obama was apoplectic because he knew that Netanyahu had the potential to unseat his dash toward a bad deal with Iran.  Obama did his utmost to discredit Netanyahu.  He also mobilized Democrat Congressmen and Senator’s to boycott the speech and not one of the senior echelons of his administration was allowed to attend

    Unprecedented action in the history of the USA by Obama’s childish egotistical revenge:

    Obama was determined to remove Netanyahu from power. He mobilized his election team headed by Jeremy Bird for the job and arranged for the State Department to fund them to the tune of $350,000 for the job. The US Senate has launched a bipartisan probe into the White House’s alleged funding of an NGO pushing for the ouster of Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Just when you thought it could not get any worse, Obama has removed Iran (the state sponsor of terrorism, death to Israel, death to the USA) from the US terrorist list.

    Good news: Arizona is in the process of passing legislation that requires Arizona not to implement any of Obama’s executive orders without congress approval of the executive order.


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