• Follow the Money

    By Guy Centola, Rochester, NY

    Just as Robert Taft was denied the Republican nomination in 1948 and 1952 by the forces of globalism within the party (it wasn’t called that back then) this same clique is out to deny Donald Trump the nomination in 2016.

    Following the money trail from the state party bosses down to the county chairmen across the country is the way to track the warning signs and keep tabs on the delegate selection.

    The will of the voters in primaries and caucuses is not necessarily reflected in the selection of delegates and the loyalty of their vote beyond the first ballot on the convention floor next year. Read more ›

  • Joint School Construction Board

    This email exchange starts at the bottom:

    From:   Barbara Nevergold;  Date: September 28, 2015 at 11:01:05 AM EDT   To: Carl Paladino   Subject: Re: Joint Schools Construction Board

    Stop your bullying, intimidation and harassment Mr. Paladino.

    From: Carl Paladino:

    It’s all facts Ms. Nevergold.  Isn’t this about the time when you play the race card and get your band of parasitic activists screaming?  You can’t answer the questions I posed can you?  Nobody is listening to you anymore.  Is that why you are so frustrated and reckless?  You are presently obstructing the ability of un-conflicted BOE members to effectively engage Federal authorities.  Isn’t that obstruction of justice? Read more ›

  • Tea Party “hostile” take over?

    In response to your letter below, you are obviously a RINO establishment suck up afraid of the republican rank and file who actually are the Tea Party for speaking up and letting people like you know that you will become irrelevant as the chicken shit Boehner and McConnell have become. The American people are fed up and have had enough of the Republican and Democratic parties establishment losers. Trump is doing America a great favor and leading the charge to rid us of people like you, the RINOs and the liberal elitists and academics who are intruding into their lives with taxes and rules and affronting our heritage and constitution. Get on the bus or go to pound salt with your cronies.






    Speaker of the House John Boehner just announced he’s resigning in October. It was ONLY after his resignation that Tea Party members of Congress agreed to keep the government open.
    Don’t be fooled — this isn’t a resignation. It’s a hostile takeover by the Tea Party. With Boehner out the door, the Tea Party has more power to steer the direction of Congress.
    If we have any hope of beating back their radical agenda, we need to boost our efforts right now. Winning this campaign won’t be easy — but we have no shot if we can’t hit our goals. The FEC deadline is on Wednesday. Please make a contribution, of whatever amount makes sense, right now.

    Lee Zeldin has been a huge friend to the Tea Party in Congress.
    He voted for their new restrictions on women’s access to health care. He voted for their shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security.

    Lee Zeldin might agree with the Tea Party — but Long Island families don’t. And with the Tea Party already on the road to more power in Congress, we cannot afford to hand them another ally.

    Winning this race is going to be a long, hard battle. But as long as we stay focused and hit our goals, we can and will win. Help us reach this one — $10,000 by Wednesday — with a contribution today.

    Thank you, as always, for your support.


  • Ed Cox for President?

    Can we trust Ed Cox to do all he can for New York’s favorite son Donald Trump or will he undermine Trump in favor of the Washington establishment RINO candidate Jeb Bush?      -Carl Paladino 

    cox and trump better


    by Guy Centola, Rochester,  NY

    The difference between the New York State presidential primary proposed for next year versus 2012 is that the candidates and their campaign teams chose the delegates in 2012. The State Republican Committee per each congressional district would pick the delegates in 2016. This means the presidential candidates of your choice will have no voice over the delegates chosen to represent them from New York, rendering next April’s primary a farce. Read more ›


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