In 2016, when both friends of Phil Rumore, the president of the Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF) suggested he retire, Rumore began his final assault on the taxpayers, parents and children of the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS).

For over 30 years, Rumore had successfully and brilliantly negotiated on behalf of Buffalo teachers against a cadre of “halfwits” – people who were elected or appointed to represent the interests of parents, students and taxpayers – but merely pandered to the BTF.

A “halfwit” can be someone who is intentionally motivated to serve interests other than the community or someone who is just actually stupid. In any event, Buffalo’s halfwits were very inclined to sympathize with union desires and concerns while remaining oblivious to the desires of the citizens of Buffalo for their children to have a quality opportunity for a good education.

Teachers’ contract lingered until Rumore was ready.   [Read more…] about How Union President Rumore Co-opted the Buffalo School Board and Rigged the Teacher’s Contract