Despite what one may hear from Danny “speak wacky” Spewak, ‘cub journalist of the year’ on Channel 2 WGR TV News or may have read in the Buffalo News ‘oblivious to any reality’ editorial page, SUNY has set tuition rates for non-resident students at a highly subsidized level which is an unwarranted burden on the taxpayers in the most highly taxed State in America.  Non-resident students fill slots that could otherwise be taken by New York State residents who are financially unable to afford tuitions that are at least 35% higher in private schools. Many are therefore denied a higher education. Wasn’t the reason for forming the SUNY system to educate New York State students?

Non -resident SUNY students pay tuition and fees of $22,391/year.  In comparison, Canisius College tuition and fees total $34,690/yr, a difference of $12,299 or 35%. See attached.  The difference is actually much higher considering that the SUNY system is much less efficient in the cost of educating than Canisius.  New York allocates hundreds of millions of dollars per year to SUNY.  Why isn’t the tuition for non-resident SUNY students equal to the actual cost of educating those students who, after they graduate, are free to go anywhere in the world to live out their lives.

Is SUNY now in the money losing business of providing a college education to non-residents on the backs of our taxpayers?  Can the issue be discussed in public?  Is the academic establishment out of control?  Is it racist to talk about non-residents?  Have we now surrendered our right to debate such issues to the politically correct, whiney, overly sensitive pansies who need everything sugar-coated and play the race card with impunity?

Cost of Attending UB- Undergraduate:

Below is an annual budget based on fall and spring semester attendance: Housing and board allowances, books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation figures are estimates that vary for each student. The University at Buffalo reserves the right to modify or change the contents in the student budget without notice. In general, students should anticipate that charges for budget expenses will rise approximately 3 percent each academic year. Annual Undergraduate Student Cost of Attendance (based on estimated cost of University Housing)

In-State Tuition and Fees $8,871
Out-of-State Tuition and Fees $22,291*
Housing Allowance $7,210
Board Allowance $5,190
Books and Supplies $1,164
Personal Expenses $1,431
Transportation $1,050

*Matriculated international students also pay the International Student Fee ($100/semester).

Cost of Attending Canisius Undergradate:

2015 – 2016 TUITION & FEES (effective May 2015) All tuition and fees are subject to change Undergraduate – Full-Time (12-18 credit hours) Tuition and Fees

College of Arts and Sciences/School of  Education & Human Services/Wehle School of Business $16,641/semester $33,282/year
Mandatory Fees
College Fee (Provides partial support for the library, athletic facilities use, ID card, transportation, graduation, and transcripts) $283.50/semester $567/year
Student Activity Fee (Provides support for the NFTA pass, and various student clubs and activities) $208/semester $416/year
Technology Fee (Provides partial support for classroom technology and on-line student services) $112.50/semester $225/year
Wellness Fee (Used for operating expenses in the Student Health and Student Counseling Centers.  Operating expenses include but are not limited to supplies and equipment, health and wellness education, technology and staffing) $100/semester $200/year
Total Undergraduate Tuition and Mandatory Fees $17,345/semester $34,690/year
Occasional Fees
Orientation fee for all new Fall undergraduate freshman students New $250 Transfers $150
Spring Orientation Fee $50
International Student Orientation fee Fall Start $400 Spring Start $300
Individual course fees $20-$225
Returned check fee (certified check may be required after 3 NSF checks) $25
Payment plan fees $50-$75
Late payment fee $100 per month ($300 max)


UB Graduate School:

2015-2016: Graduate Cost of Attendance

Item Off Campus Commuter (Lives with parent or relative) On Campus
Direct Costs: University charges that will appear on your eBill. *On-campus students will have their ACTUAL room and board costs charged to their eBill.
Tuition $10,870.00 $10,870.00 $10,870.00
Comprehensive Fee1 $1,814.00 $1,814.00 $1,814.00
Student Activity Fee $128.00 $128.00 $128.00
Academic Excellence Fee $300.00 $300.00 $300.00
Indirect Costs: Reasonable calculation of educational expenses you may incur while enrolled. *On-campus students will have their ACTUAL room and board costs charged to their eBill.
Room $0.00 $0.00 $8,712.00
Board $0.00 $0.00 $2,450.00
Living Allowance $13,950.00 $3,528.00 $0.00
Books/Supplies $1,438.00 $1,438.00 $1,438.00
Personal $2,520.00 $2,520.00 $2,520.00
Transportation $2,156.00 $2,156.00 $2,156.00
Direct Loan Origination Fee $110.00 $110.00 $110.00
Total for New York State Residents $33,286.00 $22,864.00 $30,498.00
Additional Cost for Non-New York State Residents + $11,340.00 + $11,340.00 + $11,340.00
Total for non-New York State Residents $44,626.00 $34,204.00 $41,838.00

The above budget does not include costs for UB Medical Insurance which you will be required to purchase if you are not already covered by your own (or parent) health plan or a plan acceptable by SUNY policy. Contact your financial aid advisor to determine if this additional expense affects your financial aid eligibility. 1 Comprehensive Fee includes: College Fee, Health Service, Transportation, Campus Life, Technology, and Transcript Fees.

Canisius Graduate School

Tuition and Fees

School of Education & Human Services/College of Arts & Sciences/Wehle School of Business/Office of Professional Studies $780/credit
One Year MBA Program Tuition (Fall start) $38,709 year
College Student Personnel Administration Program $914/credit – Fall 2014 Starts $932/credit – Fall 2015 Starts
Mandatory Fees
College Fee – 9+ credit hours $132/semester
College Fee – Up to 8 credit hours $11/credit
Technology Fee – 9+ credit hours $90/semester
Technology Fee – Up to 8 credit hours Wellness Fee – 9+ credit hours (Fall and Spring Only) (Not charged to students in the Online Programs) Wellness Fee – Up to 8 credit hours (Fall and Spring only) (Not charged to students in the Online Programs) $7.50/credit $100/semester $50/semester
Graduate International Student Orientation Fee Fall Start $350 Spring Start $300