To: Ed Cox, NY Republican ChairmanFrom: Carl Paladino

CC: Rob Astorino and the Republican and Conservative County Chairs


I‘m asking all those who receive this open memo to forward it on to your friends and family and contact NY Republican Chairman Ed Cox to let him know how you feel about this issue:

Republican Party of NYS
315 State Street, Albany, NY 12219
(518) 462-2601

Ed, I’m sorry for the delayed response.  I had a terrible chest   cold.  Yes, I am determined to do everything I can to see that the   tyrant Andrew Cuomo is beat this year.

Rob convinced me that to further support a draft Trump campaign while saying   that Rob can’t raise money and doesn’t have the name recognition was hurting   him, so I am dropping the Trump initiative and I will be quiet on and support   Rob’s ability to raise money.

Considering your present strategy, I cannot support the convention   sponsorship.  I would be violating the trust of the people I speak for   who despise the Albany cesspool and the RINO legislators who have forgotten   where they came from.

You have a strategy and identity problem with the Republican base upstate and   on Long Island.  They are the framework of the coalition necessary to   beat Cuomo.  They include Democrats, Independents, Republicans and   Conservatives, (the gun owners, Independents and Reagan Democrats who are fed   up with the liberal bubble.)  They will not engage because they don’t   trust the losing strategy of you and the candidate.

They do not understand how Rob can rail against the SAFE Act but refuses to   denounce the treacherous Dean Skelos, the one person most responsible for the   second amendment infringement.  If Skelos and his RINO pals go untouched   this year, next year he will join the re-elected lame duck Cuomo in SAFE Act, round two.

The ranks are tired of weak and phony career driven Republican legislators   and tone deaf legislative and political leadership who don’t provide them   with an opposition government that advances Republican/Conservative values   primarily because they are complicit feeding at the public trough with the  Democrats.  The gutless and complicit Skelos promotes a defensive game,   saying that Republicans can keep a Senate majority by doing as Cuomo demands,   rather than leading a determined offense to show the people why they should   elect Republicans.  The County chairs who showed up in Trump’s office appear ready to lead us to a cleansed party.  You don’t.

The ranks will not engage with you because you don’t take them seriously and   you still want to play the Albany 2 step with their lives and futures.    You and Rob are adhering to the same frustrating losing strategy of the past,   promising a different result. Many of the downstate leadership have already   laid down on Rob.

The ranks think Rob is trying to get elected by walking between the rain   drops. He needs to energize his base and the press.  He will be a   great governor but first he must get elected.  He must lead from the front   and throw real punches to show his commitment to cleanse the Party before he   can take on the evil tyrant.  Fracking, the Moreland Commission dismissal and the SAFE Act issues are the paramount edge to winning this   year, but the ranks will not get on the bus with a candidate who doesn’t have   an unequivocal plan to destroy Skelos and cleanse the Republican Party of   traitors.  Last year’s local elections won’t repeat on a statewide level   because Rob’s strategy does not appeal to the necessary coalition of voters   to register their friends and families.

By refusing to engage the RINOs you are creating distrust and illustrating   terrible weakness.  Appearances are that you seek to perpetuate the   Albany cesspool and appease the same old irrelevant power brokers who are now   greed driven lobbyists.  You are viewed upstate as a New York City   establishment elitist out of touch with the needs of the people and pandering   to the likes of Vinnie Reda, Al D’Amato, Mondello, Skelos and Kolb and over   6,000 lobbyists.  You articulate well on many issues but you don’t use   your bully pulpit to demand the support and loyalty of our legislative   delegation.  You say you can’t control them and you want party   unity.  The Republican/Conservative ranks do not want to be unified with   RINOs.

We don’t want the Republican Party to continue its fall into the abyss.    I will not support or encourage others to support your losing strategy.

Denouncing Skelos and the RINOs, will establish Rob as a leader of   Republican/Conservative principles and values for the future.  It will   give the ranks a reason to rally behind him as a leader who will be different   and clean up the Albany cesspool.