Press Release
Carl Paladino
July 14, 2015

RE: Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization (BPTO) Press Conference

From Deidre Williams, July 14, 2015:

“Hey Carl. It’s Deidre from buffalo news. Editors are sending me to cover BPTO’s 11:30 press conference. It looks like they’re gonna unload on you which u probably already know. So I wanted to reach out to u to see if u want to make a comment. If I don’t hear from u before the press conference I’ll try to reach u afterwards. Lemme know if u need to email a copy of the press release. Thanks”

Statement from Carl Paladino:

The BPTO is financed by the BTF allegedly with $500,000 to do a hatchet job on me because Phil Rumore sees me as a threat because I can actually walk and talk at the same time. BPTO does not represent the interests of parents. That’s a smokescreen. It advocates only for the BTF leaders and Board of Education minority members and their parasitic activist friends and family. The community supports change. Union leaders and minority Board members advocate for the status quo to maintain their feeding frenzy at the public trough. Unable to intelligently address the issues they resort to the race card to which I am immune because I and the community know I’m not racist and I couldn’t care less what they think of me.

There will be more acrimony until we put these people who caused the dysfunction on the street. Your liberal, incorrigible editorial writers will never figure that out because that would mean that they were at fault for allowing the dysfunction. I called an incompetent administration attorney “ignorant” because she gave bad and incompetent legal advice. Your editorial writers say that is racist. That’s it. Show me another alleged racist act or statement. The News is irresponsibly feeding the frenzy.