Today I urge you to vote for my dear friend Bill Nojay on Thursday September 13th in the Republican Primary.

The parade of liberal Democrats in the State Legislature under indictment, investigation or in prison continues to grow. Now we find out that Sheldon Silver, their leader in the Assembly, paid $103,000 of taxpayer dollars as hush money to keep a sex scandal by another Assembly Democrat, Vito Lopez, a secret. This is outrageous. Both of these men should be in jail.

When we get daily reminders of how corrupt the State Legislature is, you can do one of two things: put your head in the sand or come out swinging. I prefer the latter, which is why this entire campaign season I’ve been endorsing candidates across the State who I believe stand on principle, won’t back down from a fight, and will call it the way it is when it comes to corruption, bloated spending, and politicians destroying our economy

Bill Nojay has strong principles and he won’t back down. The liberals in the news media and George Soros funded socialist groups have tried taking him down and they failed. Bill has dealt with corrupt thugs in places overseas most of us have only read about, like Cambodia, Ukraine, Libya and Afghanistan. Earlier this year when the Mayor of Detroit needed a tough as nails turnaround guy to fix Detroit’s transportation system, he called on Bill Nojay. Bill understands the cesspool of Albany and he’s willing to take the fight to Sheldon Silver, New York City’s culture of corruption that reaches into the State Legislature, and the bureaucrats in Albany that are killing our jobs and ruining our economy.

This coming Thursday, September 13, there is a Republican Primary. The polls open at 12 noon through 9 pm. Turnout is expected to be low, since no one usually votes on Thursday. That means your vote counts even more than usual.

The 133rd Assembly District includes all of Livingston County, parts of Steuben County (Hornell, Wayland, Dansville, Cohocton, and Prattsburgh), and parts of Monroe County (Pittsford, Mendon, Rush and Wheatland). There is an open seat with no incumbent. The other Republican in the race is in way over his head. He’ll be eaten for breakfast by the New York City Democrats and RINO Republicans who will make him part of the “Club” of go-along-to-get-along, don’t rock the boat politicians. He also has a questionable record of using good judgement including and arrest and conviction for DWI a few years back.

We need a fighter in Albany. We need Bill Nojay. Today I am proud to endorse him and ask that he receive your vote on Thursday. For the future of New York, our kids and grandchildren, we need to elect Republicans like Bill Nojay to start the long, slow process of restoring our State to greatness from the carnage and filth left behind by the past 40 years of corruption, foolish spending and making promises we can’t possibly keep. We need honesty, courage and the willingness to fight.

Please vote for Bill this Thursday.

Thank you

Carl Paladino