Chairman of Ellicott Development Company and former New York State gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has endorsed Chuck Gilbert for the New York State Assembly’s 140th District.

Paladino praised Gilbert for his new vision for the residents of the district, who for the past 36 years have been getting very little in return from Gilbert’s incumbent opponent. He also endorses Gilbert’s plan to cut legislators’ salaries by 10 percent, and donating any money from an unwarranted pay increase to charity.

“Chuck Gilbert is a true Republican Conservative who will stand up to the Albany establishment to relieve the taxpayers of burdensome government and unending costs, taxes and regulations, and will be a strong voice for reform and economic growth,” Paladino said.

Gilbert, the endorsed Republican in the race, said he is proud to receive Paladino’s endorsement. He shares his anger and frustration at the current state of affairs in Albany, and promises to fight for the people of the 140th District, who for too long have gone largely ignored by New York City-based interests.

“I want to thank Carl Paladino for his endorsement. It was just two years ago when he told the world he was ‘Mad as Hell’ about Albany politics as usual. My opponent has done nothing in those two years, or in his 36 year term for that matter, to make things better in Albany or in his district. It’s time for a change, and with Carl’s help and support, I know we can change Albany forever.”

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