Buffalo Businessman and 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino announced today that he supports Jim Blake for State Senate.

“Jim Blake is the obvious choice. His ideas convey the passion and commitment to foster prosperity and cultivate job growth through less government regulation and intervention,” Paladino said. “Jim is committed to fighting the Albany establishment and understands that families need relief from burdensome government and unending costs, taxes, and regulations.”

James Seward is a RINO republican, who has been in office too long while our state government has forced itself into every aspect of our life. Seward is part of the problem and we need to our state legislators to be accountable.  Jim Blake has the business experience and conservative republican values that will make him an effective representative.

“We are extremely pleased to have Carl Paladino’s endorsement,” said Jim Blake. “We believe Republicans want fresh, new faces to replace ‘business as usual’ legislators.”

Jim Blake founded an international trading company which became an Exclusive Agent selling USA manufactured goods abroad, and resides in the Hamlet of Schenevus with his wife and five children.

You can help Jim Blake by volunteering or making a donation by visiting