Businessman and 2010 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino announced today his endorsement for Joseph Gravagna for the New York Assembly, 97th District. Paladino said, “Joseph Gravagna is a true Republican Conservative who will stand up to the Albany establishment to relieve the taxpayers of burdensome government and unending costs, taxes and regulations, and will be a strong voice for reform and economic growth.”

Gravagna will ask questions that the political establishment doesn’t want answered. “I want to know why the taxpayers are subjected to the unusual and excessive burdens put on their backs by the Taylor Law, Triborough Amendment and Wick’s Laws. I want to know why we don’t have Tort, Malpractice and Workers’ Comp reform to ease the burden of explosive health costs in New York State,” Gravagna asked.

“My opponent has voted to raise taxes every year she has been in office,” Gravagna said. “For too long politicians have given into the status quo and put their own political interests above the needs of hard-working taxpayers. I will be a strong advocate for the people, fight the entrenched politicians, and create a better business environment.

Gravagna has earned the endorsement of the Independence Party, which puts him on a third line along with the Republican and Conservative lines. This is a clear example of his wide range appeal to the voters of his district who are desperate for a better government.

Gravagna has also been an outspoken advocate of eliminating pensions collected by elected politicians as a means to end the problem of entrenched career politicians. Elected officials should be forced to use outside means to plan for their retirement.

You can help Joseph carry his Common Sense Conservative message to Albany by volunteering, contributing, and speaking out in support. Please visit his website at for more information.

More Information her at Carl Paladino website