Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino announced his endorsement of Michael Kicinski for Congress, New York District 22.

Kicinski stands for a limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. He will work toward a practical balanced budget and lower taxes with real budget cuts. He would work to reduce or eliminate onerous government regulations and mandates – to result in business and job growth. “New York lost two seats in Congress due to people moving out of the state because of job loss,” Paladino said. “Mike knows smaller government is the key to business improvement and job growth, which will return prosperity to New York.”

“In 2010, the TEA Party supported and campaigned for their present representative,” said Paladino. “But it is clear from the incumbent’s voting record that he is not listening to or representing the people of the district,” Paladino continued. “Mike can be trusted because he knows he is accountable to those who support him.”

Mike Kicinski has been married for 23 years to his wife, Cathy, and they have 12 children. He has over 25 years of involvement in local and national issues and has been on the front lines these last 3 years as a local coordinator with the Norwich TEA Party Patriots.

Carl Paladino stresses the need for all Republicans to get out and vote for Mike Kicinski in the June 26th primary election. “I know Mike will represent us with honor and integrity,” Paladino said, “and be the peoples’ voice for New York, 22nd District.”

Kicinski for Congress campaign has forced a Republican Primary against incumbent “RINO” Hanna. You can help Mike win this seat back For The People by volunteering, contributing, and speaking out in support. Please visit www.KicinskiForCongress.com for more information or to make a donation.


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