It is time that the citizens ofthe 41st Senate District have a State Senator who shares their values and een deliver a more responsive state government at a much lower cost.

Families need relief from the burdensome taxes and regulations mandated by the Albany establishment, which is hell bent on putting en the backs of taxpayers the unending costs of obnoxious entitlement programs designed to invite every freeloading Tom, Dick and Harry from out of state to New York just to advance a permanent Democrat majority.

Our thuggish State government is out of controlI and forcing itself into eveiy aspect of our daily lives. Steve Saland has been in office for 32 years while our state has continued to slide into the abyss. He is not palt ofthe solution. He is part of the problem. He is et RHIN() Republican who, during the past year, was complicit with Cuomo and Silver in deceiving the people with a, contrived $10 Billion budget deficit and a Tax Refoltn bill that was in fact a tax increase bill.

Neil is a businessman with an unwavering commitment to eorisewative Repubiiean values, a combination that is exactly what is needed in the 41st district and across New York State.

Neil Di Carlo resides in Putnam County with his wife and six children and is a Chief Compliance Officer for a. financial services firm in New York City.