Dear Buffalo Public Schools:

    I am the parent of a child that has previously attended Buffalo Public School #67 and a child that still attends school #67. Both of my children have been in Buffalo Public Schools at #67 since Pre-K. We live less than one tenth of a mile from the school. I remember how happy we were when our son got into school #67.

    Now I wish he hadn’t. I am absolutely OUTRAGED at what has happened to this school over the past 3 years. When my son started at #67 it was the neighborhood school that I hoped it would be. Kids from the neighborhood walked to school. Families knew each other and there was a sense of pride for our little neighborhood school. Read more ›

  • Thank you all for taking the time to write to me with your words of encouragement and support…

    Carl,Do with as you see fit!! You’re the best!

    Joe Viehbeck

    To the Citizens of Buffalo & Residents of New York State:

    Twenty years ago, I was fortunate to meet Carl Paladino through a mutual friend. I am a liberal Democrat originally from Western Pennsylvania and I am not on Carl’s payroll.

    Carl is one of the most gracious, caring and generous individuals I have ever met. While Carl and I may disagree on many political points (not all) it has always been civil and respectful. Is he passionate about his beliefs? YES. So am I, yet isn’t that what makes our country unique, that we can disagree, yet not take up arms against each other as happens in many other countries.

    In the twenty years I have known Carl, He has never Read more ›

  • Request for Audit of the Buffalo Joint Schools Construction Program

    December 12, 2014

    New York State Office of the State Comptroller
    Thomas P. DiNapoli
    New York State Comptroller
    110 State Street
    Albany, New York 12236

    New York State Education Department
    John King
    89 Washington Avenue
    Albany, New York 12234

    RE: Buffalo Joint Schools Construction Program Audit

    Dear Comptroller DiNapoli and Commissioner King:

    The Program Provider seeks to close out the 12- year, $1.4 billion, Buffalo Public School System– Joint Schools Construction Program (Program) with the Joint Schools Construction Board (JSCB.) The current Board of Education majority members appointed to the JSCB conducted an independent inquiry and have found clear and convincing evidence that the oversight, review and internal audit performed during the course of the Program was severely lacking and corrupted, requiring a comprehensive independent audit to be conducted immediately. What some want to describe as a model school reconstruction program appears instead to have been an intentional ongoing conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers of New York State of millions of dollars.  Read more ›

  • Educational establishment should be fighting failing schools, not Paladino

    editorial Carl







    Opinion, Buffalo News 

    In a school system that desperately needs all the help it can get, charter school opponents areattempting to further their interests by targeting School Board member Carl Paladino.

    (Buffalo News file photo)
    on November 17, 2014 – 12:01 AM

    The attack on Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino over his ties to charter schools is a calculated attempt to prevent the creation of more charters, at the expense of Buffalo’s schoolchildren.

    The city’s approximately 34,000 students need educational opportunities that are not being provided by the system’s traditional public schools. Read more ›

  • Email Exchanges Regarding Comprehensive Action Plan. School Choice

    From:  Carl Paladino

    To:        Barbara Nevergold, Ruth Kapsiak, Sharon Cottman, John Licata, Jim Sampson, Jay Mccarthy, Florence     Johnson,    Theresa A. Harris-Tigg.

    Date:    August 9, 2013, 9:13:25 PM EDT

    Subject: Comprehensive Action Plan. School Choice.

    Dr. Nevergold, you are a seated member of the BOE equal to me with the added responsibility of effectuating the office of BOE President without bias or agenda.

    You have a different perspective than I.

    I have asked repeatedly for  45 days for the reorg plan specifics and have received absolutely nothing. Your responses to me appear to be designed to delay disclosure of what appears to be the illegal and unethical hiring practices of the Superintendent and the administration. Read more ›

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