Dave Laska, you and Ed Cox should be ashamed of yourselves at the way the State Party handled Skelos’ resignation and the subsequent appointment of his successor.  No one spoke or stood up for the rank and file.  Do you call that leadership?  The first time we heard from Ed was to congratulate the RINO winner, handpicked by the accused felon. Great leadership for not calling out the RINOs who gave us the SAFE Act, denied the Southern tier the economic opportunity of fracking and who gave us 9 new casinos to suck the last nickel out of the poor in Upstate New York. Cuomo misspent $210 million of taxpayer money to cover his campaign advertising in the name of Start- Up NY and not one legislator or leader has spoken up.

Most Republican voters are in that forgotten area known as Upstate, but we are still controlled by the Downstate power brokers.  The Upstate legislators, who sold out their constituents and voted for Flanagan will be targeted.  The vote was 17 to 15 in caucus.  The treacherous Nozzolio and his concubine forgot where they came from.  They’ll find out next year but the damage is done.  Who needs a Republican controlled Senate when they are owned by Cuomo?  The Republican party will continue to be in shambles because of it.

Ed Cox should go and find himself something else to destroy with his hypocrisy.  His complicity with the opposition wreaks of betrayal of the hard working people he pretends to represent. His obvious complicity with Astorino to create the Reform Party to dilute the Conservative Party base was a hideous act.   Maybe it’s time for all good Republicans to re-register as Conservatives and get rid of the Republican party which has lost not only its values and identity, but also its ability to select dedicated leaders with substantive values who don’t sneak around and play games with their responsibilities and crawl back under their rocks when courage is required.

It’s time for the Republican County Chairs and State Committeemen to do the right thing, end the misery, provide a better economic atmosphere for our future generations and elect in September an ‘Upstater’ to lead the State party who knows real Republican values and understands the needs of republican voters.


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ALBANY… NYGOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement after Senator John Flanagan of Long Island was elected Majority Leader and Temporary President of the State Senate:”Congratulations to Senator John Flanagan on being elected Leader of the State Senate,” said Cox, “Senate Republicans and the Republican Party continue united in the service of the people of New York.”                                                        ###