To the Editor:

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney recently said on Jim Reith’s new podcast, ”I hope there’s nobody right now that we’re this far into it that thinks we would have been better off with Carl Paladino.” Well, I don’t think, I know we’d be better off with Paladino as governor. Gov. Andrew Cuomo campaigned on a number of promises. While his words sounded good, Cuomo’s actions have fallen short.

Cuomo promised to veto partisan redistricting plans. When the maps were released and the gerrymandered districts revealed, only the courts took action. Cuomo signed off and claimed a victory. Even former Gov. David Paterson knew that the lines were drawn with incumbents, rather than the people, in mind.

Cuomo promised a tax cap on property taxes. When the final version was passed, there were so many loopholes for the public employee unions that cap is more of a guideline. But of greater concern is that Mahoney will be citing the tax cap in this fall’s budget battle when she fights tax relief. She’ll say we can’t afford a tax cut because of the great tax cap. Cuomo promised mandate relief. I thought mandate relief meant reforming Medicaid and other financial burdens the state passes onto local governments. The only mandate relief Cuomo signed was the legalization of gay marriage.

Cuomo has done nothing but surrender and declare victory. Paladino may not have gotten as much passed, but he would have fought for the taxpayers of this state and not the special interests Cuomo represents.

Bill Frick