Can we trust Ed Cox to do all he can for New York’s favorite son Donald Trump or will he undermine Trump in favor of the Washington establishment RINO candidate Jeb Bush?      -Carl Paladino 

cox and trump better


by Guy Centola, Rochester,  NY

The difference between the New York State presidential primary proposed for next year versus 2012 is that the candidates and their campaign teams chose the delegates in 2012. The State Republican Committee per each congressional district would pick the delegates in 2016. This means the presidential candidates of your choice will have no voice over the delegates chosen to represent them from New York, rendering next April’s primary a farce.

Unless the following concerns are addressed by the Republican National Committee, a layman’s interpretive concerns of these changes are as follows:

These handpicked delegates will only be obligated to vote for the candidate who wins their congressional district on the first ballot. After that, they will presumably take direction from the leader of their state delegation.

Nothing would prevent these delegates from staging a walkout prior to the first ballot.

Also, if the candidate who wins their congressional district drops out, attempting to broker his or her support to a competitor prior to the first ballot, this move is rendered moot because the allegiance of these delegates will transfer to the leader of the state delegation-the state party chairman Ed Cox. Remember the state committee chooses the delegates and the state committee is headed by Ed Cox.

No one who goes to the polls next April is voting for state chairman Ed Cox to be the next president of the United States. Yet this will be the net effect-king making done not by who we voted for-but by the party bosses.

The public must be alerted to these changes so as to pressure their county chairmen at their late September state convention to change back the rules.

With 24 million viewers watching the presidential debate-viewership up from two million, why would the state GOP want to put out this forest-fire of participation?

The 2016 Republican Presidential Convention should not be a junket for the same old tired politicos picked as delegates by the state party machine. It should be a forum for those energized by our many diverse candidates and their many messages.

As with the 1952 convention where Robert Taft was shut down by the Eisenhower Wall Street forces, the globalistic common-core crowd will be out in full force at the 2016 convention trying to give us a false choice in their war against the 3 R’s and the 3 G’s-God, Gender, and Guns.

Can we make America great again? Richard Nixon had a mandate to do so but his vision exceeded this character. In the case of his son-in-law political boss Ex Cox, the apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

With roughly one-third of the voters in New York identifying themselves with Republican issues the concern is nonpartisan-about widening participation and making people feel as though they are part of the system-confidence needed to be a good citizen-that we the people own a piece of the rock.

Donald Trump signed the pledged of allegiance to the Republican Party. Will Ed Cox sign the pledge of allegiance to fair play?

Why is this issue newsworthy and not just inside-baseball? Because it’s about your vote having a mandate put forth on the convention floor. Because it’s about your right to vote!