By Guy Centola, Rochester, NY

Just as Robert Taft was denied the Republican nomination in 1948 and 1952 by the forces of globalism within the party (it wasn’t called that back then) this same clique is out to deny Donald Trump the nomination in 2016.

Following the money trail from the state party bosses down to the county chairmen across the country is the way to track the warning signs and keep tabs on the delegate selection.

The will of the voters in primaries and caucuses is not necessarily reflected in the selection of delegates and the loyalty of their vote beyond the first ballot on the convention floor next year.

New York’s selection of Republican delegates by county chairmen through their state committee representatives is a canary in the coal mine signal that the party establishment is out to stop Trump.

These many county chairmen will not be free radicals on the convention floor susceptible to the Trump message. They will follow the money-namely the housekeeping expenses flowing from the state GOP to the county affiliates as well as postage subsidies and donations from one campaign to another. This is money going from Wall Street to the State GOP to the county organizations.

So if county chairmen don’t line up as a block for the state party organization there could be consequences.

History repeats itself. As New York Governor Tom Dewey used the inner sanctum of Wall Street networking to wire his candidacy at the expense of Taft in 1948, the New York delegation in 2016 would be wooed just the same unless the candidates pick their own delegates.

Despite a successful right wing congressional attack, and a Democrat party fractured by Harry Wallace and Strom Thurmond, an unpopular Truman managed to get re-elected over Dewey because, like Nixon in ‘60, Ford in ‘76, Bush in ‘92, Dole in ‘96, McCain in ‘08, and Romney in ‘12, Republicans failed to define a difference.

The Rockefeller Republicans – Bush, Kasich, Walker, Rubio, Christie, Pataki – will follow the blueprint of 1952 and practice the maxim that all politics is local – namely appealing to state and local issues to pry delegates away from Trump-if these delegates are chosen by the state committees – and if disputed – ultimately chosen by the Republican National Committee’s credentials committee – obviously a stacked deck against Trump.

Dewey’s inner circle that wired state delegations was headed by Manhattan lawyer Herbert Brownell (sound familiar?). All roads lead to New York.

Brownell made skillful use of the local issue of opposition to federal control of off shore oil rights to pry the Texas delegation away from Taft and toward Eisenhower. Both candidates took the states’ rights position but the spin was only Eisenhower could win and thus change the federal policy.

The New York GOP’s first ballot scheme (where delegates are only obliged to vote for the winner of their district on the first ballot) could be a template for other states to follow.

Super PAC funding could keep a lot of horses in the race for the single minded purpose of denying any candidate a majority on the first ballot, rendering it as ceremonial as the national anthem before a sporting event.

And then the games begin. Trump delegates evaporate as of ballot 2 going forward, and a globalistic stooge is chosen, giving the voters a false choice – as usual.

The musings of neocon Bill Kristol and George Pataki that they won’t support Trump must not be allowed to metastasize. A biopsy must be taken.

The Trump campaign must see a critical path to a delegate majority going into first ballot or else keep open their third party option, whose clock is ticking as to petition deadlines in the fifty states. Fair play is a two way street.

A truth squad Trump bus should take this street and shadow every state GOP convention this year casting light on next year’s rules changes.

This road to victory must be displayed as a set of fifty state scale model dioramas constructed by 3 D printing showing county size proportionate to population, delegates per county as a subset, and color strings representing brackets of money flowing from the state GOP fulcrum radiating out to the county blocks. As these primaries and caucuses occur- winner take all, proportional allocation or favorite son super delegate- the building blocks of each diorama will change, giving the campaign a fifty state conference room walk through every day- a war room.

A war for the soul of the Republican party – global east coast corporate elites like Bush and his millions garnered perhaps through his father’s regal rolodex, Kasich, the humble postal worker’s son, pimping the public trust off his legacy as House Budget committee chairman, making millions, among other jobs, as a glad hander for Lehman Brothers, the pin prick of our economic bubble, and Fiorina and her millions, whose magnitude of her thirty thousand layoffs at Hewlett Packard contrasts with her golden parachute.

A war for the soul of the Republican party- populism- from Jefferson to Jackson- from McKinley to Harding-from Smoot Hawley to smoke industries-laying the bedrock foundation for the greatest generation, where tariffs equalized the cost of labor at the waters’ edge, where morality was defined by family and not a Hollywood commodity, where our symbols were heritage and not hate, where we worked and paid and not collected and played, where cars were design symbols of success and not match box toys of global warming, and where demographics was a word no use used and not the destiny of our destruction.

Make America great again! Trump gets it. The voters are getting it. The politicians won’t. The silent majority is not silent. The government is deaf.

By Guy Centola

Rochester, NY

Republican Activist and Trump Supporter