I apologize for sharing and disseminating Sandra Tan’s personal email message to me- it was inappropriate of me to do so and as a result, I have taken it off this website page.

Carl Paladino


Date:  April 4, 2015 at 2:00:31 PM EDT
 Sandra Tan Cc: Dawn Bracely, Rod Watson, John Neville Warren Colville
Subject:  Re: I’m not sure what we’re fighting about, but you win

It’s simple Sandy. I made the motion to terminate Olgilvie to make a point that betrayal and treachery constitute unacceptable bad behavior, and with no consequences will send the wrong message to him and to others.

I knew that the politically correct liberals on the Board knew that what I was doing was correct, but couldn’t buy into such a disciplinary stance because they are such forgiving souls, tomorrow is just another day and it’s better to use the “time proven”  exercise of restorative justice that has worked so well at Bennett and Riverside High Schools.

Good leadership demands that you lead from the front and if you are committed to the effort to really win, you make the hard calls and obliterate anything that stands in your way.

You knew that I was making a point. Nevertheless, despite my having done the same thing many times last year, you were so anxious to point out that I was lame because I did not have apparent support. You are so shallow.

Where was Reverend Pointer and his crowd for the last 20 years as another generation of minority kids circled the drain?

We know where the African American leadership has been. They have been building a power structure more interested in conspiring and covering up the disappearance of $500 million of Joint School Construction money, controlling a $965 million budget and providing jobs for illiterate and incompetent friends and family, than actually providing an opportunity for education for the children held captive in the cycle of poverty.

If their focus was really about the kids, they would be demanding vouchers, tax credits, charter schools, neighborhood schools and SEED schools or other vehicles that would give real choice and alternatives creating competition -which in turn has proven to improve education.

Instead, our 4 minority women have conspired with union leaders to maintain the status quo and avoid the provision of standards for teachers and principals to prevent the tossing of the growing bad element of incompetent educators that is the heart and soul of the dysfunction.

By giving Pointer print to only say that I’m a racist ass, without offering up any better solution, you add to the racist banter, enhancing polarization and acrimony.

How about becoming part of the solution instead? You know that by simply picking your topic you in fact editorialize. Get off the merry go round, stop reading the insane News editorials and recognize that it has been on the watch of the 4 African American women on the Board, most of the exempt administrators of the District, 3 incompetent Superintendents, (all from someplace else), Dawn Bracely and Rod Watson that our schools have spiraled into the abyss. Do you think it’s time for a makeover–time to replace self- serving ignorance with enlightenment and people committed to educate the kids?  Do you really want to continue being part of the problem?

It’s time for you to take a break and figure out who you are and how you will set yourself apart from disrespected mainstream journalism.

We are not on the same page and it is unlikely we ever will be.