SAFE Act protest Albany

It’s show time in Albany — the new Republican leader of the Senate, John Flanagan, who was elected with the support of Upstate GOP Senators Seward, Nozzolio, Young and others, has a chance to prove he cares about Upstate voters by demanding NO NYC RENT CONTROL WITHOUT SAFE ACT REFORM from the Governor and NYC Democrat-run Assembly.

The Republicans in the Senate recently passed a series of SAFE Act reforms, however their Bill is meaningless unless their new leader Flanagan puts them on the table as part of the end-of-Session negotiations.  This is the last week of 2015 for the Legislature to meet — it’s now or never.

Call your Senator TODAY to urge him to vote NO on any NYC rent control Bill — or other legislation the Governor and Assembly consider “must have” this year — unless they agree to SAFE Act reforms.

We are tired of the rhetoric and promises — and one-house Bills which are destined to die — it’s time for the Republicans in the Senate to stand up for our rights and the time is NOW — this week — so call Nozzolio, Seward, O’Mara, Funke, Young, Ortt, Robach and the rest of them TODAY.