(LAKE PLACID, NY) – Lake Placid businessman Doug Hoffman announced his endorsement of Michael Kicinski for Congress, New York District 22.

Kicinski stands for a limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.  He will work toward a practical balanced budget and lower taxes with real budget cuts. He would work to reduce or eliminate restrictive government regulations and mandates –all of which will result in business and job growth.  “Mike has been involved in these issues for years,” Hoffman said.  “He has worked on my past Congressional campaigns and for others with these same goals.  He has proven where he stands through his past actions.”  

Kicinski is a founding member and part of the Local Coordinator Committee for the Norwich TEA Party Patriots.  The group, along with others throughout the State, was instrumental in removing poor performing incumbents and electing better Representatives to office in 2010.  However, one candidate they supported did not live up to his campaign.  “Mike Kicinski’s opponent, Richard Hanna, criticized the Democrat incumbent for taxing and spending and raising the debt limit, blaming him for placing a debt for our children and grandchildren to repay,” Hoffman said.  “Looking back at the last year, Mr. Hanna has done the same thing by voting for spending bills and increasing the debt ceiling 3 times.”

Mike Kicinski stands for the published values and platforms of the Republican and the Conservative parties.  “Mike is principled and can be trusted at his word,” Hoffman said.  “His opponent lost the Conservative Party endorsement because of his poor voting record.  Mike has published his stands on the issues and will follow through.”

He has been endorsed by Carl Paladino and the New York State Right to Life.  “From these endorsements and Mike’s marriage and family, it is clear that his principles are truly conservative,” Hoffman said.

Mike Kicinski and his wife, Cathy, have 12 children (one married). They live in Earlville, located in the middle of the new district which includes all or part of 8 counties from Utica/Rome to Binghamton.  “Though Mike was previously in my old NY Congressional District 23, he is now centrally located in the new District 22,” Hoffman said.  “He is not new to NY-22.  His parents and grandparents are from the Binghamton area and he has worked with groups throughout the district for years.  He knows the people and the issues of the area.”

The New York Congressional Primary is June 26.  Mike Kicinski is very positive about New York and the future.   “Mike will be a true citizen representative, a voice for the people of New York District 22,” said Hoffman. “I encourage all principled Republicans to vote for Mike Kicinski.”

Kicinski for Congress campaign has forced a Republican Primary against incumbent Hanna.  You can help Mike win this seat back For the People by volunteering, contributing, and speaking out in support. Please visit www.KicinskiForCongress.com for more information or to make a donation.

For Christ and Liberty,

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Michael Kicinski

102 North Main Street
Earlville, New York 13332

“Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct your paths.”