To:          Buffalo Board of Education (BOE)

Barbara Nevergold, BOE President

Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) Superintendent Pamela Brown

From:    Carl P. Paladino

Cc:          Everybody

Date:      July 3, 2013

Re:         Buffalo Board of Education, CPP Initial Agenda of Issues and Motions for meeting of July 10, 2013

Below is Carl P. Paladino’s Agenda Index and 32 issue items including 22 motions that I intend to make at the first regular meeting of the BOE on July 10, 2013.  These issues represent an initial list of initiatives that I will pursue as a member of the BOE.

I hereby request membership on the Financial Operations Committee which oversees the budget and on whichever committee supervises the negotiation of Union contracts.

I hereby waive the $5,000 annual stipend and direct that it be divided equally amongst the 8 schools in the Park district to be used by the Principals for the benefit of the students as they see fit in their sole discretion.

Issue items marked “confidential” are not being distributed to others.  I intend to address every other item at the open meeting and I will address confidential issues concerning personnel in executive session.

Please add my agenda to the master BOE agenda of the first meeting on July 10.

For those receiving copies of this memo, please feel free to forward the same to your friends, relatives and fellow employees as you may see fit.






Motion                        Issue

18                    #1        BOCES Career Tech Program

10                    #2        State Board Communications

#3        Reorganization is a Budget Function that Requires BOE Approval

1                       #4        Superintendent Evaluation – Illegal vote

#5        YWCA of WNY — confidential

2-2d                 #6        APPR and Side Letter MOU

#7        Hutch Tech Enrollments – Test School

#8        Superintendent Compensation  – Reimbursement for Retirement Contributions

#9        Distinguished Educator – Judy Elliott

#10      Student Placement Protocol

3                      #11      Outsourcing of Priority Schools

#12      Cross and Joftus recommendations

4                      #13      DPCC ability to support candidates for BOE

#14      Budget – Resident Tuition

#15      Budget – Teacher Aides and Assistant Reimbursement

#16      Budget – Health and Welfare Reimbursement

5                      #17      Budget – Bussing Audit

6                      #18      Budget –Voluntary Bankruptcy–Retiree Health Insurance Costs

7&8.                #19.     Budget — Reconsideration. Overtime, Reorganization, waste and union contract                      negotiations, etc.

9                      #20      Budget – Plant  Services

#21      Budget – General–

#22      Denial of Tenure – confidential

11                    #23      BOE disclosure of all family relationships — confidential

12                    #24      Stop School Reconstruction Program

13                    #25      Legislative delegation meetings and upstate urban school district


14                    #26      Extended school day and year

#27      Graduation rates and stats

#28      Community Superintendents

15                    #29      Neighborhood Schools

16                    #30      Superintendent’s resignation or dismissal

#31      Priority Schools

17                     #32      Illegal Mini-Meetings –Reorganization new hires