To:        Buffalo Public Schools Board of Education (BOE)

From:  Carl P. Paladino

Date:   June 5, 2013

At a recent meeting of the BOE I warned that the present BOE should not allow the administration, nor should it take any material action that might bind and adversely affect the newly elected BOE to be seated July 1, 2013.

On June 3, 2013 the Buffalo News reported that it was the intention of the Superintendent to appoint a Deputy Superintendent and realign the Executive Staff prior to June 30, 2013.  Such action unquestionably would be unethical and would adversely affect the ability of the new BOE to carry on its work.  In the event such action is taken I will move to rescind immediately. 

I further submit and will move at the first meeting of the new BOE that Ruth Kapsiak and any other BOE members who knew and conspired before January 17, 2013 that a side letter Memorandum of Understanding had been executed but not immediately forwarded as part of the APPR agreement have compromised the integrity of the BOE and should stand down and recuse themselves from any further deliberations of the BOE until such time as a proper investigation is completed.