Kaleida Health is planning to move its Family Planning Center into the Squier Mansion at 1313 Main Street from its current location at 1001 Humboldt Parkway. Many will remember the mansion was a demolition candidate not long ago. In fact, demolition actually began before a stop order was approved. A portion of the exterior wall was knocked out, but thankfully the demolition was halted before extensive damage could occur.

The building was built in the Italianate style around 1860 and survives as the only intact example of an Italianate mansion built on Main Street. It was originally known as the Robinson mansion, because it was built by Alanson Robinson, who later sold the property to George Squier. In 1886 the Squier family built an additional building to the rear of the mansion which no longer remains because it suffered fire and extensive roof damage.

The move to the Squier Mansion, now owned by Ellicott Development, allows the clinic to be closer to public transportation as well as the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus. This news is a nice addition to the already wonderful rehabilitation of St. Vincent’s Orphanage building, located just behind the mansion. Kaleida Health has filed plans with the state and the official move is dependent on their response.

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