To:       Lisa Slisz, Public Relations and FOIA Officer of the Buffalo Schools System

From:   Carl P. Paladino

Date:    May 16, 2013

Re:       FOIA Request

Cc:        Everybody

This letter shall serve as my FOIA demand for the following information and documents.  FOIA requires a response to my inquiry within 30 days.

With reference to the Superintendent:

1).  A copy of her employment contract and all amendments thereto including copies of all letters, emails and other communications had between her and the president of the Board of Education (BOE) or any of its members prior to her hiring.

2). The name of the Superintendent’s driver, his annual compensation, the year and type of vehicle assigned to her, the cost of said vehicle and the costs since her hiring of providing the car and driver and whether or not the vehicle and driver are available for personal use. 

3). A schedule of all expenses of the Superintendent charged to the BOE from the date of her hiring to present including but not limited to relocation expenses, travel expenses, entertainment expenses, hairdresser and cosmetology expenses, maid, cleaning and other household services, travel expenses and any and all other personal and business expenses of the Superintendent and or her family, friends and associates, paid by the BOE.

4). A copy of all communications including but not limited to e-mails, letters and memos  between the Superintendent and the New York State Education Commissioner or State Education Department (NYS-ED) staff and Philip Rumore or attorneys or staff of the Buffalo Teachers Federation in connection with the APPR and the side letter Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

5).The minutes of all executive session meetings of the BOE for the last three years.

6). The dates, places, minutes, notes and names of everyone present at all meetings, or on conferences, telephone calls, emails or other communications among the Superintendent, BOE staff, BOE attorneys, members of the BOE and negotiators on behalf of the Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF) including Philip Rumore and attorneys on his behalf with reference to the negotiation and preparation of the Annual Professional Performance (APPR) agreement and certain MOUs or side letters to the APPR agreement including the names of the individuals who drafted the MOU side letter agreement and copies of all drafts and communications between the BTF and BOE with reference to the same.

7). A copy of the minutes of the BOE meeting prior to January 17, 2013 where the BOE approved the APPR and the MOU side letter, any documents signed by BOE members approving said agreements and the names of any and all BOE members who knew of, sanctioned and/or approved the APPR and the MOU prior to January 17, 2013.

8). A copy of the minutes of the first executive session of the BOE subsequent to January 17, 2013 wherein the matters of the APPR and MOU side letters were discussed and the reasons why such matters were discussed in executive session rather than open session of the BOE.

9). A complete copy of the fully executed APPR agreement with executed certification and the letter of transmittal of the same to the NYSBOE on or about January 17, 2013.

10). A complete copy of the executed MOU side letters to the APPR, or both of them if there were two, together with the names and capacities of all individuals and representatives of the BOE and the BTF involved in the negotiation, drafting and execution of the MOUs.

11). The date of first notice to the NYSBOE of the existence of the MOU and the letter or memo of transmittal of the executed MOU to the NYS-ED.

12). Copies of all communications, a listing of the dates and times of all non-public BOE meetings between BOE President Ruth Kapsiak and the Superintendent from the date of her hiring to the present.

With reference to the Buffalo Schools System:

1).  A copy of the final line item CAFR statements with budget comparisons for the Buffalo Schools system, for the fiscal years 2011-12 and 2012-13 to date as well as the complete line item proposed budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year and the ST 3 filings for the fiscal years ending 2011 and 2012.

2). A copy of the current First Student (FS) busing contract with all amendments thereto

together with the amounts paid to FS or its predecessor for the past three fiscal years and the current school year to date (breaking down the base contract amounts and all extras, hourly billings, special billings, per diem billings and additional billings together with the amounts of busing billings to the State for reimbursement for the same periods of time.)

3). The amounts spent during the past three fiscal years and the current school year to date for bus aids.

4).  A copy of any policies of the BOE with respect to how and in what manner students who missed their buses are transported to or from school and the total amount paid for each fiscal year for the past three years.

5).  The names, titles and annual base compensation of all supervisors, schedulers, routers, inspectors in the transportation department and the total compensation paid to each for the past 3 fiscal years including the current fiscal year to date including all overtime, bonuses, per diems and other forms of compensation and reimbursements.

6). The number and identification of the type, year and use of all vehicles owned, leased or otherwise used by the BOE and the names and titles of all employees who have vehicles assigned to them and whether or not those vehicles are available to the employee for personal use.

7). With reference to the ZONAR payroll attendance system purchased for bus aides, a copy of the contract and any amendments thereto for the original purchase and installation of the system, the original cost of the purchase and installation of the system including the installation of reader transmitters on all buses, the annual maintenance costs of the system, the annual cost of providing swipe cards to all bus aid employees, the names of the individuals responsible for supervising the system and the reasons that the system does not function for the purpose intended.

8). The names and date of hire of all attorneys who work for the BOE as attorneys, their titles and actual annual compensation for the past 3 fiscal years and the current fiscal year to date.

9). The names of all outside counsel retained by the BOE during the last 3 fiscal years and the current year to date, the amounts paid each for each year, the billing rate for each attorney and the reason their services were retained.

10). An organizational chart of all executive and administrative staff with job titles, names and annual compensation for the last past fiscal year.

11). The names, titles and total compensation for the last past fiscal year of all persons working in the purchasing department of the Buffalo Schools system.

12).  All expenses, reimbursements or other costs of any nature including stipends and salaries paid by the BOE to or on behalf of any BOE member for each of the last past 3 fiscal years and the current year to date with the name of each BOE member, the date and the amount of the disbursement.

13).  Copies of any and all communications by BOE members to the Superintendent, executive or administrative staff concerning the hiring, appointment or retention of the services, by the Buffalo Schools system, of any individual, supplier, vendor and contractor.