To: Dean SkelosCc: N.Y. State Senate Republican CaucusN.Y. State Republican Party County ChairsEd Cox, N.Y. State Republican Party ChairmanBrian Kolb, N.Y. State Assembly Minority ChairmanN.Y. State Assembly Republican CaucusN.Y. State Conservative Party County ChairsMichael Long, N.Y. State Conservative Party ChairmanAll PressEverybody ElseFrom: Carl PaladinoDate: February 29, 2012Re: Free Republican Caucus InitiativeDean, it is obvious to most of the Republican rank and file in New York thatyour actions over the last 13 months describe a man incapable of representing the interests of the Republican Party. Your self-serving and weak demeanor and participation in illusion andtheatrics in dealing with the Governor, Sheldon Silver and the establishmentcabal in Albany are an affront to the people who worked so hard to elect aRepublican senate majority only to be thrown under the bus. You are either incompetent or diabolical in your indifference to what wasexpected of you in leading the opposition and highlighting and bargaining forissues vital to your party and the taxpayers. Your inability to demandgovernment transparency or to adopt it as required process in senatedeliberations was unacceptable. This memo shall serve as my demand, on behalf of the Republican Party rankand file, for your immediate resignation as majority leader of the N.Y. StateSenate. The Free Republican Caucus Initiative will deal with those other treacherousRepublican Senators who with you sold out their integrity and abrogatedtheir pledges to the taxpayers.
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