To: New York State Republicans and Conservatives
Ed Cox, Republican State Chairman
Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive
All New York State Republican Senators
All New York State Republican Assemblymen
All New York State Republican County Chairmen

Cc: Everybody Else

From: Carl P. Paladino.

Date: January 2, 2014

Re: N.Y. State Republican Party and the 2014 Elections–RINO Removal

Attached are my prior memos and Ken Lovett’s recent article concerning my rationale for the removal of Dean Skelos and Brian Kolb from their leadership offices.

The Republican rank and file in upstate New York and Long Island are genuinely upset with statewide politics, party officials and their elected legislators who have sold them out on so many issues. They don’t remember anymore why they are registered as Republicans. They feel abandoned and are looking for a new home. The party did well last year in local races but the rank and file know that the real problems of New York emanate from the Albany abyss and its disingenuous legislature.

They don’t trust their legislators whose leaders have advocated a defensive posture of appeasement and conciliation instead of providing an “in your face” opposition to the liberal government. As the rank and file watch their life savings deplete, their children leave the State to find jobs and the family fabric wither away, their legislators let Andrew Cuomo give them a patronage and special interest laden economic development plan, the SAFE Act and more gambling, to suck the last blood out of upstate, while denying them the economic opportunity of safe and regulated fracking.

They want to believe in their leaders and see them advocate real Republican values. They don’t want a party led by RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), but a party cleansed of RINOs. They don’t want myopic party leaders choosing their candidates without consultation and vetting. Our State and county parties wasted millions backing Romney, who chose to side with the 1% against the 99%. He was a terrible candidate and for many, the lesser of two evils. It was a big mistake in 2010 to assume that establishment crony Rick Lazio would be acceptable to the rank and file. Don’t make that mistake again.

Dean Skelos and Brian Kolb must be removed from their leadership roles as a clear symbol of reform to re-energize the base.

Andrew Cuomo desperately wanted the SAFE Act to make a statement to America that he could do anything he wanted in New York and that he was to the left of Obama and Hillary. If Dean Skelos, the apparent leader of the opposition, had any strength of will and negotiating skill, he could have held the Bill or required a referendum. Nope, nothing. Skelos collaborated with Cuomo and intruded on a basic right of the people by allowing the Bill to go to a vote. He strong-armed eight other Republican Senators to vote for the Bill with him. 60th District Sen. Mark Grisanti and the others will resign or be voted out of office this year.

Skelos and his treacherous caucus danced the Albany two-step to appease and gain favor with Cuomo when they disregarded a basic republican/conservative value. The Republican Senators who voted against the Bill don’t get a pass. They too were complicit. They had cover. It’s part of the Albany illusion game. In any other forum, a treacherous leader would have been de-throned, but here they kept Skelos as their leader.

Assembly minority leader Brian Kolb’s bond with Sheldon Silver is well known. As the Assembly opposition leader, he never commented on Sheldon Silver’s criminality and he hasn’t commented on the current democrat sex scandals because he can’t. He instructed his caucus not to say anything derogatory about Silver. He is conflicted. Why does the Assembly Minority Republican Caucus continue to endorse bad leadership? We need term limits.

Without the termination of Kolb and Skelos as leaders, this year’s gubernatorial election will be a farce and the Republican candidate will lose.

When Ed Cox told a concerned “establishment” U.S. Senator and national fund-raisers that Paladino will be “pacified,” he misspoke.

I don’t bluff. I may have been a “politically incorrect” candidate but I spoke the truth. I’m dead serious. Vague and half-hearted promises don’t work for the rank and file or for me. I’m on a mission. I don’t care what the money people or the party establishment want. The Republican establishment in Washington and in Albany is quickly becoming irrelevant. The rank and file are tired of losing, tired of watching liberals change the rules and destroy their lives, tired of not being listened to and tired of the Albany RINO game.

Al D’Amato is nothing but an irrelevant lobbyist and opportunist. The party will reform because that is what Republicans want. I’m not asking for much. Just strip the two treacherous bums of their power. Skelos and Kolb made their own beds. Republicans owe them nothing. We need to clean up the Republican Party before we can successfully take on the Democrats.

Rob Astorino is a good man and would be a good governor but he can’t win with the party in such disarray with systemic depression. The rank and file are disengaged and will not get excited without the candidate’s unequivocal commitment to rid the party of RINOs and address all of the key issues for “all” Republicans. Rob can show his commitment now and build on it with a united party.

Ken Lovett said that Mike Long felt that Skelos and Kolb were my fight. I don’t think so. Mike knows who sold us out on the SAFE Act and will always be my friend. This is it, we either reform or it’s the end of the Republican Party in New York. If necessary, I believe that Mike will join me in leading the rank and file to the Conservative Party on row A. Nevertheless, there are legions of Conservatives and Republicans across the state ready to circulate my petitions.

Ed Cox and Rob Astorino must figure out how they will get Republican legislators to vote Skelos and Kolb out of their leadership roles. They have the power and the pulpit.

Please feel free to share this memo with your friends and family.