Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino announced Monday that he supports Colin Schmitt for the New York State Assembly. “We need Colin Schmitt in Albany. He is the type of refreshing leader that will shake Albany to its core,” Paladino said in a released statement. “Colin is the only candidate in this race that will stand up to the failed Albany leadership of both parties and work for job creation, fight for ethics reform, advocate for tax and mandate relief, protect our 2nd Amendment rights, and stand up for the defense of life in New York.”

Paladino added, “Our great Empire State is now the ‘Exodus State’ and Colin so rightfully tells those he campaigns to and very few of our elected leaders in Albany are capable of reserving the trend. We’ve got to send our A-Team to the capital to do the work of the people, and Colin is definitely the man we need in Albany to fight for all New Yorkers.”

A press release from the 21-year-old Schmitt, founder of the New Dawn PAC, said, “Our thuggish state government is out of control and forcing itself into every aspect of our daily lives” and characterized his opponents as “a double-dipping’ incumbent and others with records that induce a Shelly Silver smile.”

Schmitt describes himself as “a next generation leader with public, private, and reform experience that will unrelentingly advocate for the shared Republican Conservative values of the residents of Orange and Rockland Counties and across New York State.”

Paladino ran for Governor of New York in 2010 and turned in a surprising Republican Primary victory in an election season fueled by Tea Party populism. Schmitt’s District 99 is currently occupied by longtime incumbent Republican Nancy Calhoun and consists of nine towns in Orange County as well as Stony Point.


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