To:       Ed   Cox, New York State Republican Chairman
From:   Carl P. Paladino
Cc:       Everybody
Date:    February 25, 2014
Re:       Open Letter to Ed Cox

To reverse the downward spiral of the Republican Party in New York, I asked   Rob Astorino and you, to clean up the Republican Party and denounce all   Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), before the 2014 Gubernatorial   campaign.  In particular, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and   Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, must be called out for their past   treachery to Republican/Conservative Party principles, including passage of   the SAFE Act.

Shooting a cannon across the bow of disloyal, lame and parasitical RINO   legislators and party leaders will send a clear warning and set the stage to   energize and rally the new anti-liberal, anti-Cuomo/Silver voting base.

Conditioned to the politic of the past, you refused to deal with the RINO   treachery saying you wanted “party unity.”  Really?  Well   the great majority of Republican/Conservative voters and I don’t want to be   united with RINOs like Skelos and Kolb, Reda and Mondello.

A ritualistic, underfunded Astorino candidacy doesn’t work for the rank and   file. Playing the same old game and hoping for a miracle, instead of changing   the rules and making it happen, illustrates how the Republican establishment   has devolved to be so brazenly disrespectful of the rank and file.  Rob   is a good man and will be a great Governor someday, but not now.    Republicans and the great majority of their County Chairs say they want   Trump.  Cuomo sends his surrogates to encourage you for a reason.    He gets apoplectic when he thinks of Trump.  The clock is running out   for the people and the Republican Party in New York State.  It’s the two   minute warning.

If Donald Trump scares you and the establishment RINOs, he paralyzes the   liberal bubble that is ready to burst.  The national movement can start   right here in New York.

Trump has no respect for or loyalty to the Albany game.  He is deep on   all the important fiscal and social issues but his greatest quality is not   name recognition or money.  It’s that leadership quality that sets a man   apart to lead others.  He has gut with a killer instinct.  He  doesn’t wimp out.  He leads from the front.  He is the first into   battle.  His business acumen and negotiating skill is   unchallenged.  He was born to lead.  He’s a man unable to be   intimidated.

At dinner, having known him for 15 minutes, I told Trump why I ran and asked   him why he wanted to run for Governor?  He looked at me intently and   when he spoke, I saw the fearless soul of a man who knew he had that unique   quality and ability do what others can’t do.  I also saw in his eyes and   tone a familiar sensitivity, an empathy for the plight of the masses, an   opportunity to do something significantly meaningful for humanity, for his   family, and for his dad’s memory–time to form his legacy.  His hesitancy   is an asset, not a negative or publicity stunt.  He is certainly not the   toxic caricature the media paints.  He is a successful and likable man   who will strategically deliberate on the challenge because he can.

From that conversation, I was confident that Donald Trump would run but it   will be on his terms.  His instincts will determine the pace, the time   and the place of battle.  He will not follow the rules or terms of an   old politic led by the same narcissistic, self-serving establishment.

Even after hearing from the base, when I trounced Lazio with 64% of the 2010   primary vote, the  RINO county chairs didn’t show up for me.  Trump   won’t let that happen to him.

After the 2010 Primary, a respected friend was sitting outside the conference   room in New York City where you, Vinney Reda, Jay Savino and the other RINOs   on the party executive committee discussed and planned “laying   down” on my campaign because, if elected, I would bust up the Albany   establishment.  He heard the entire dialogue and drove all the way to Batavia to tell me.  It was business.  I didn’t take it personally.
Call it a draft, a rebirth, a reformation, a revolution.  Whatever it   is, Ed, it will be the beginning of a better day for the people of the State   of New York.  A supermajority weighted vote of the County chairs,   representative of the will of the Republican/Conservative rank and file, want   Trump as their candidate.  Execute their will.  Unite the   party.  Lead, follow or get out of the way.  Denounce the RINOs and   put the deal together to run Trump.  If you don’t and you chose to play   more games, the rank and file will no longer want you as their leader and I   will re-consider all of my options.  Don’t take it personally.    It’s business.

To all New York State voters, feel free to forward this memo to your friends   and family.