Janet, I endorsed Karen Bisso for your Assembly seat, not only because she is highly qualified and will advance the issues and principals of her republican constituents, but also because you have arrogantly illustrated in every possible respect that you do not understand your duties and responsibilities nor do you respect the damage that you have done in supporting the agenda of Andrew Cuomo.

If you want to be a Democrat, you should re-register. To hold yourself out as a Republican is a fraud not only upon the people that you represent, but all of the Republican rank and file in the State of New York.

Without opposition, the Albany Democrat and RINO “establishment” will continue their path of corruption and destruction. You were elected by the Republican opposition to advance the Republican agenda.

Nevertheless, you voted to:

1. Allow men to use ladies bathrooms and locker rooms.

2. Allow the hypocrisy of wanting parental notification for those under 18 who wish to get a tattoo but no parental notification for girls under 17 who want a chemical abortion.

3. Allow a girl under 17 who wants a chemical abortion to do so without parental notification.

4. Allow gay marriage, for which you received large donations from Gay Rights groups. In other words, you sold your vote.

5. Require pharmacies to provide up to 7 translators for customers who don’t know English without respect for cost.

6. Allow the state to leave the door open through poorly defined legislation the potential to seize the guns of veterans who fought for their country if diagnosed with PTSD. You voted 29 out of 31 times with liberal Democrats on proposed anti-gun legislation like micro stamping and classifying 12 gauges with smooth barrels as illegal.

7. Allow late term abortions of 24+ week babies.

You refer to Andrew Cuomo as your friend. He is the opposition. He is a liberal progressive and elitist Democrat trying to act like a moderate by use of theatrics and illusion. You were elected to oppose Cuomo’s progressive agenda. You advocate that he produced a balanced budget and that bipartisanship is the only way to accomplish anything in New York, but you did not tell your constituents that the 2011 $10BIL budget deficit alleged by Cuomo, Silver and Skelos never existed and was in fact a fraudulent illusion to distract the people from the more important issues that if addressed would create jobs and lower taxes.

You voted for Tier 6 Pension Reform, which was nothing more than hype and did nothing for the taxpayers.

You are a double dipper drawing State retirement and a State salary. You earn over $200,000/year to vote as a Democrat.

The above are facts. If they offend you, I don’t particularly care. You should find yourself another vocation. Karen Bisso will defeat you.


To:                          Janet Duprey,

Copy:                     All Press


From:                     Carl Paladino

Date:                      May 31, 2012