I endorsed Michael Kicinski for your congressional seat not only because he has true Conservative Republican values and will advance the issues and principles of his Republican constituents, but also because you have with unmitigated arrogance misrepresented your constituents after having lied to them about who you are and what you would do in Congress.  You were not elected to be “your own man”. You are a fraud.

You obviously have no respect for the people of your district and Republican values. 

If you want to be a Democrat, you should re-register. In 2010, you received the Conservative Party endorsement. Your words sounded great at that time.  We have now seen your voting record. Your surrogate told the executive committee of the Conservative  Party that Mike Kicinski was a weak candidate without experience or money and holding the office would be a stress on his personal life and family. As a result, despite Kacinski’s endorsement by the three Conservative Party County Chairs, you angled to have the State Party leaving the NY22 Conservative line dark this year.

I ask that the State Party Executive Committee reconsider.  I submit to them that your campaign website is devoid of your position on any of the vital issues.

You gave money to Democrats at the ERA meeting.

You voted against the NDAA Amendment  1127 to repeal the indefinite military detention provisions.

You are one of only 2 Republicans on the gay and lesbian equality caucus.

The following site is to three 2010 Hanna campaign video transcripts illustrating the promises that you made and did not keep. You are spineless and have no integrity Mr.Hanna. You should be ashamed of yourself.





To:                          Open Letter to Richard Hanna


Copy to:               All Press



From:                    Carl Paladino


Date:                     June 7, 2012


Re:                         Michael Kicinski  Candidacy