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  • Donn Esmonde…Join the movement for a better future

    By Carl Paladino

    Donn, we need insular columnists like you and Rod Watson to grow up. The community is fed up with the failed Buffalo Public Schools (BPS.) They want their new Board of Education (BOE) leadership to end the incestuous era of elected and appointed cowards who, with teacher and administrator union leadership, seek self-empowerment and are intent on preserving the cycle of poverty. Read more ›

  • Good Leadership Demands that you Lead from the Front

    I apologize for sharing and disseminating Sandra Tan’s personal email message to me- it was inappropriate of me to do so and as a result, I have taken it off this website page.

    Carl Paladino


    Date:  April 4, 2015 at 2:00:31 PM EDT
     Sandra Tan Cc: Dawn Bracely, Rod Watson, John Neville Warren Colville
    Subject:  Re: I’m not sure what we’re fighting about, but you win

    It’s simple Sandy. I made the motion to terminate Olgilvie to make a point that betrayal and treachery constitute unacceptable bad behavior, and with no consequences will send the wrong message to him and to others.

    I knew that the politically correct liberals on the Board knew that what I was doing was correct, but couldn’t buy into such a disciplinary stance because they are such forgiving souls, tomorrow is just another day and it’s better to use the “time proven”  exercise of restorative justice that has worked so well at Bennett and Riverside High Schools.

    Good leadership demands that you lead from the front and if you are committed to the effort to really win, you make the hard calls and obliterate anything that stands in your way. Read more ›


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