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  • Join Carl Paladino and Donald Trump for the Repeal the SAFE Act Rally on April 1, 2014





    APRIL 1, 2014

    11:30 AM- 2:45 PM


    SPECIAL GUEST – DONALD TRUMP  International Businessman

    KEN BLANCHARD Author: Black Man with a Gun


    CARL PALADINO, Businessman

    SHERIFF TIM HOWARD, Sheriff Erie County

    SKYLER FORREST DeANGELO, Young Americans for Liberty


    ROB ASTORINO, Gubernatorial Candidate

    LENNY BENEDETTO, Conn. Citizens Defense League


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  • Memo to R. Nils Olsen, Jr. and Jeanette Mongold-Robe, BFSA

    To:        R. Nils Olsen, Jr. and Jeanette Mongold-Robe

    From:   Carl P.Paladino

    Date:    March 4, 2014

    Re:       Buffalo Public Schools (BPS)

    I have read your op-Ed of February 26, 2014 presumably in response to my earlier memo, both attached below.

    You say the BPS is facing an “unprecedented fiscal crisis.”  You go on to eloquently and correctly describe why, illustrating that you have been informed on this issue for some time.  Nevertheless, you don’t explain why you have remained a soft control board rather than going hard.  Your memo is a clear admission of irresponsibility and breach of your fiscal oversight responsibility to the taxpayers.

    The fiscal incompetency of the lame majority of the Board of Education and its Superintendent has been evident since the Superintendent arrived and hid in her office for the first 6 months.  The CFO was in fact required to make a written request with question to be asked to get an appointment with the CEO. Read more ›

  • Open Letter to Ed Cox

    To:       Ed   Cox, New York State Republican Chairman
    From:   Carl P. Paladino
    Cc:       Everybody
    Date:    February 25, 2014
    Re:       Open Letter to Ed Cox

    To reverse the downward spiral of the Republican Party in New York, I asked   Rob Astorino and you, to clean up the Republican Party and denounce all   Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), before the 2014 Gubernatorial   campaign.  In particular, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and   Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, must be called out for their past   treachery to Republican/Conservative Party principles, including passage of   the SAFE Act.

    Shooting a cannon across the bow of disloyal, lame and parasitical RINO   legislators and party leaders will send a clear warning and set the stage to   energize and rally the new anti-liberal, anti-Cuomo/Silver voting base. Read more ›

  • February 25th letter to BFSA Executive Director Mongold-Robie

    To: Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority (BFSA)
    c/o Jeannette Mongold-Robie, Executive Director

    CC: Everybody

    From: Carl Paladino

    Date: February 25, 2014

    Re: Buffalo Public Schools

    On January 14, 2014, by letter, copy attached, I asked the City of Buffalo Control Board to consider going hard against the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) considering the tragic and irresponsible overspending by the Board of Education (BOE) and the Superintendent in the present fiscal year and the deficit projected for the next fiscal year. I was told that the BFSA did not feel any urgency to act before this next scheduled meeting.

    It appears that the Control Board has little interest in exercising its authority to impose itself on the BOE despite the fact that the Control Board and its staff, who collect paychecks to provide oversight and management of tax dollars being spent by the dysfunctional BOE and its Superintendent, is purposely avoiding its responsibility and yielding to the wills of Frank Messiah and George Arthur, two former African American leaders who spent their careers protecting the cycle of poverty to empower themselves and feed at the public trough.

    The current fiscal year deficit of the BPS is funded by $35 Million of unrestricted reserves. We are told that the balance of such reserves after the funding is $43 Million. Policy and State law require an unrestricted reserve of 4% of the annual budget which will be approximately $40 Million.

    The projected deficit for next school year is $62MIL, including $14 MIL for after school programs. Unrestricted reserves are insufficient to cover any of the deficit. When seeking the approval for last year’s funding of the deficit with reserves, the BPS was required to illustrate budget cuts during the year to erase the budget deficit. That requirement has not been met by the BPS.

    The Control Board seeks to look the other way and deny the taxpayer the oversight that it is required to give. The Control Board should resign or be immediately replaced.

  • Ed Cox and the RINOs Running Off Donald Trump

    To: New York State Republicans and Conservatives
    Ed Cox, Republican State Chairman
    Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive
    All New York State Republican Senators
    All New York State Republican Assemblymen
    All New York State Republican County Chairmen
    All Members of the New York Tea Party

    CC: Everybody Else

    From: Carl P. Paladino

    Re: Ed Cox and the RINOs Running Off Donald Trump

    Above is an article that appeared in the Saturday Buffalo News, exposing the secret Republican In Name Only (RINO) effort to block Donald Trump from running for Governor, memorializing why the Republican Party (GOP) rank and file in upstate New York and Long Island are livid with RINO leadership in the State and County GOPs and within their elected legislature. The treacherous RINOs seek to sell them out again, but this time their underbelly has been exposed.

    In the meeting with Trump last Friday, 13 County Chairmen, 10 legislators and many others intended to explore Trump’s disposition to run for Governor this year.  Ed Cox, Chairman of the State Party, refused to attend.  He had already consecrated Rob Astorino with the GOPs endorsement, announcing for three weeks that Astorino was running when in fact Rob was saying he hadn’t made up his mind. Read more ›



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