(BUFFALO, NY) – Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino announced today that he supports David

DiPietro for the New York State Assembly. DiPietro, a small businessman from East Aurora,

announced his campaign for the 147’h Assembly District in January, pledging to be a

“conservative voice for Western New York” in Albany.

“I’ve known Dave for a long time, and I know he’s a man of integrity,” Paladino said. “David

will fight the Albany establishment and work hard to relieve the taxpayers of a burdensome

government and unending costs, taxes and regulations mandated by the Albany establishment,

which is hell bent on putting on the backs of taxpayers obnoxious entitlement programs designed

to invite every freeloading Tom, Dick and Harry from out of state to New York just to advance a

permanent Democrat majority.”

Our thuggish State govermnent is out of control and forcing itself into every aspect of our daily

lives. During the past year, the Assembly was complicit with Cuomo and Silver in deceiving the

people with a contrived $10 Billion budget deficit and a Tax Reform bill that was in fact a tax

increase bill.

Dave is a businessman with an unwavering commitment to conservative Republican values, a

combination that is exactly what is needed in the 147’h Assembly District and across New York


“Our great state is broken and very few of our elected leaders in Albany are capable of doing

what it takes to fix it,” Paladino said. “We’ve got to send our A-Team to the capital to do the

work ofthe people, and Dave is definitely one of Western New York’s leading voices for

common sense government.”

Paladino ran for Governor ofNew York in 2010 and racked up the most remarkable Republican

Primary victory in the nation, fueled by record-breaking voter turnout in western New York. Erie

and Wyoming counties – the basis ofthe new 147’h Assembly District – were landslide victories

for Paladino in the Primary and stayed strong for him in the General Election.

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