Developer Carl Paladino announced today that he supports John Ceretto for re-election
to the New 145th Assembly District for a 2nd term.

“Our thuggish State government is out of control and forcing itself into every aspect
of our daily lives,” Paladino said. “John has stood up and urged the New York State
legislature to change its course and do what’s right for the citizens of this State.”

As a major business owner in both Erie and Niagara Counties, Paladino praised Ceretto
for taking the NY Power Authority to task for raising utility rates on local residents and
businesses. Ceretto has been a consistent advocate for local representation on the NY
Power Authority’s Board of Trustees to ensure that Western New York’s residents and
job creators receive their fair share of low-cost energy. Albany politicians should not be
allowed to squander our region’s resource or take the benefits pledged to Western New
York and spread them to other parts of the State.

“Our great State is broken and very few of our elected officials in Albany are doing what
it takes to fix it. John Ceretto had proven that he is committed to do the work of the
people and will continue to fight to relieve the taxpayers of a burdensome government
and out of control spending and regulations forced on us by the Albany establishment.”


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