The Niagara County Republican machine run by George Maziarz has for years monopolized the political landscape in Niagara County by controlling all political parties.

Maziarz’s political cohorts sign up to become members of the Conservative, Independence, Working Families and Green Party. They then circulate petitions to elect their people as Committeemen and Candidates. They put party members on Committee petitions without their knowledge or consent, which then allows their core managing internal group, or quorum, to dominate party business. The sham candidates are unaware that they are even on the committee.

By controlling political committees, they in essence control who the parties nominate, and who ultimately gets on the ballot.

Members of the Maziarz Political Machine who circulated petitions include:

Glen Aronow- Republican, Maziarz Staff member and Republican Executive Committee member who signed Working Families and Green Party candidate petitions, and the Independence Party committee petitions.

Rick Updegrove- Republican Majority Leader for the Niagara County Legislature who signed the Independence and Conservative Party committee petitions.

Marcus Hall- Republican, member of Maziarz’ staff and Newfane Town Board Member who signed the Independence Party committee petitions.

Paul Siejak- Republican Town of Lockport Councilman who signed the Independence Party committee petitions.

Mike Carney- Board of Elections Republican Deputy Commissioner who signed the Working Families and Green Party candidate petitions.

James Sobczyk- Republican, Niagara County Auditor and former County Legislative Clerk who signed the Independence Party and Conservative Party committee petitions and Working Families and Green Party candidate petitions.

Anthony Nemi: Independence Party, Niagara County Legislator who signed the Independence and the Conservative Party committee petitions and Working Families Party candidate petitions.

Patty Weiss- Wheatfield Republican Executive Committee member who signed the Independence Party committee petitions and Working Families Party candidate petitions.

Mike Norris-Niagara County Republican Chair who signed the Conservative and Independence Party committee petitions.

Members of the Wheatfield Republican Committee, Patti Weiss, Bob Cliffe, (Wheatfield Republican Town Supervisor) and Gil Doucet (Republican Wheatfield Town Board Member) and Niagara County Executive Committee Member Henry Wojtaszek carried petitions for Independence Party Committeemen in Wheatfield. No registered Independence Party member carried petitions in this area,

which illustrates Mariarz’s complete domination.

This year, Maziarz seeks to further his control by taking over the City of Niagara Falls Republican Committee. Maziarz political operative, Pat Castillo carried petitions for 41 (out of 51) committee candidates, many from North Tonawanda and Lewiston, not Niagara Falls. Most of the 10 remaining candidates’ petitions were passed by Former Niagara County Legislator Vincent Sandonato and Niagara County Legislative Clerk Mary Jo Tamburlin. This attempt by Maziarz to take over the City of Niagara Falls committee with loyal operatives follows the placement of 20 members on the Falls Committee two years ago. These members have not performed any of the duties required of them as committeemen.

They are essentially placeholders who allow and enable the quorum to rule party politics and eliminate any opposition to George Maziarz.