To:      Pamela Brown, Superintendent
From:  Carl P. Paladino
Cc:      Board of Education
Re:      Resignation as Superintendent
Date:   April 9, 2014

I implore you to have the decency to resign immediately.  You have only   added to the chaos and dysfunction of the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) since   your arrival.  Morale in every constituency can’t get lower.  You   do not have the ability to be a Superintendent. ON the job training in a   dysfunctional district doesn’t work. Your lying and scheming are off the   chart.  The July 1, 2014 Board of Education (BOE) will discharge you for   cause.  It won’t be pretty.  A buyout would be an insult to the   32,000 children in the district who have had to wait another year for an   opportunity for an education.

Mary Guinn has been propping you up and acting as the de-facto   Superintendent.  Her end game is to have the BOE majority extend her   contract, rehire and give contracts to Yamilette Williams and Faith Alexander   as principals so as to make it necessary to buyout all three.  We all   remember that you lied twice to the BOE when asked if it was your intention   to rehire Mary Guinn.  Some of your other lies, schemes and   incompetencies are:

1). You asked me to show you when and where you promised that BPS #115   [Pinnacle] children, staff and parents would be kept together in their own   separate building.  Maybe the attached will jar your selective memory.   The needs and desires of parents are meaningless to you and the BOE majority   who were elected to serve them.  Sharon Cottman stated unequivocally   that former charter school children should be treated {implying punished} as   less than equals in the BPS.  Today’s BOE motion to combine Harvey   Austin and PS #115 will destroy 480 city children.

2). Your “firing” of Debbie Sykes was hideous and exposes the BPS   to liability.

3). Your mea culpa memo to the Board, attached, concerning Williams and   Alexander along with your current complicity to re-hire them as principals   will come back to haunt you. You haven’t yet explained the use of $12,977 in   grant money to pay for their education to get licensed.

4). You take no responsibility for your actions.  With Cottman, you   tried to make Darren Brown the fall guy.  You couldn’t get your stories   straight.  You attempted to cover up the culpability of Mary Guinn, who   actually did the illegal original hiring of Williams and Alexander.    Guinn sat in on the Williams’ interview to intimidate the committee.    When Guinn, with Williams, violated established policy and tried to divert   $90,000 in contracts to their former employer Evans Newton (ENI) without disclosure   of the conflict, you gave us the lame excuse that ENI was the low bidder.

5). What prior relationship did you have with the incompetent principal at   Bennett?  When did you first meet him? Why didn’t you tell the BOE   that he was not certified when it approved his hiring?  Tell us again   what unique qualities he had.  When did you first learn that he was not   certified?

6). Your hatred for Sam Radford and the DPCC has cost the BPS millions of   dollars in withheld grant monies.

7). The Special Education program is ineffective, without goals.

8). Your budget management is a joke.  A $38 Million deficit remains.

9). Your “sit and stare” policy to punish children was absurd and   embarrassing.

10). Your failure to respect the burden on parents by equivocating all night   on whether or not to declare a snow day on January 29, 2014 was embarrassing.

11). You awarded a sole source contract for $9500 for highly subjective and   vague PR work by Jackson Parker.

12). You continue to have secret meetings with individual BOE members.

13). The central office is bloated and overstaffed.

14). You cover up the terrible violence in the schools generated by giving   instructions to reduce suspensions.  Without consequences there is   chaos.

15). You continue to maintain that attendance is up when you know it isn’t.

16). Student placement is chaotic. By not making Mark Frasier permanent   because Crystal Barton does not like him, you scheme to fill Crystal Barton’s   BSRA bank account with over $30,000 in penalties, so she can file more   grievances against the district and take more vacations. You gave the BOE the   lame excuse that you offered the position to a woman who didn’t apply or want   the position.

17). You cover for incompetent school principals because they are part of the   BOE majority member’s friends and family club.

18). You sanctioned the intimidation and recrimination of Bennett teachers by   your Chief of School Leadership and BOE member Cottman at a meeting at the   school last week.

The BOE majority have given you a false impression of reality in   Buffalo.  For years elected and private sector leadership abrogated   their responsibilities.  It is now time to clean up the mess.  The   BOE majority seeks to keep a dysfunctional school system with weak, inept and   incompetent, self-absorbed administrators because they too are inept and   incompetent and seek to keep their power over money and jobs.  They say   they do it “for the kids.”  If that were true they would dismantle the   system, expand charters and advocate for vouchers that the child could carry   to the school of his or her choice.  Education will only improve when   there is competition in the marketplace.  They are the liberal bubble   which seeks to keep the cycle of poverty in our urban centers to perpetuate   their own power.

When your BOE majority is gone and you are out of a job, all those BPS   teachers, administrators and principals who were reluctant to speak fearing   intimidation and recrimination by the BOE muscle (Sharon Cottman, Crystal   Barton and Mary Guinn) will testify to the incompetence and dysfunction of   your administration.  It appears to have already started.  You saw   teachers speak up over the last month.  More is coming.  We’ll get   their stories and the records and anyone who Googles your name will learn the  truth and some of your friends and family club will have a new wardrobe of orange jumpsuits.

Do the one thing you can do to really help the children of Buffalo.    RESIGN.


Back to the drawing board
(Buffalo News)

November 22, 2013 – 2:40 PM

Buffalo school officials are still pondering what to do with Middle Early   College High School, which is located in a leased space inside one of board   member Carl Paladino’s buildings.

The lease at 290 Main St. expires in December, but the consensus among board   members is to let the school stay where it is until the end of the school   year.
Where to put it after that was the question school officials have yet to   answer.

The district has two empty buildings – 187 and 56, and one thought was that   high school could go into one of them.

But after Wednesday’s presentation by Buffalo Schools architect Paul   McDonnell about how much it would cost, board members dropped that idea and   resurrected one that Superintendent Pamela Brown proposed some months ago:   housing the school inside another one.

McDonnell, who spearheaded the renovation of 48 buffalo schools under the   joint schools construction plan, projected $824,000 for operating costs at   School 187 on Clinton Street.

At School 56 on West Delavan Avenue, the estimate is $329,000.

But even before the locations could be deemed operationally fit, a long list   of pricey capital improvements need to happen first at both locations.

School 56, for instance, was built in 1901 and meets no modern health and   fire codes. Mold and drainage issues are deteriorating part of the basement.   There’s no kitchen to make food for students. It’s not handicapped accessible   and doesn’t have an elevator.

School 187 on Clinton Street was built in 1912 and is in much better shape,

Still, it would cost the district around $9 million each to do the upgrades.   And none of that money is eligible for state aid, McDonnell said.

Board members directed the superintendent revisit her prior recommendation to   co-locate – or house – Middle Early College with another school.

It’s much cheaper that way.

“So we’re back to where we started a couple of months ago,” Brown said during   Wednesday’s committee meting.

In Brown’s original recommendation, the district looked at merging Middle   Early College and International Prep by this past September at Grover   Cleveland High School. In the end, International Prep and STAR Academy moved   into Grover.

But idea to co-locate Early Middle College could be eligible for building aid   funding from the state, “98 percent reimbursement,” McDonnell said.

Middle Early College provides associates degrees to students who attend the   high school for five years, while taking Erie Community College courses. The   affiliation between ECC and School District ends soon.

David Mauricio, chief of school leadership, reported Wednesday night that the   district has been having monthly meetings with Buffalo State College about   continuing the program. The college wants the high school to be located on   its campus or close by, Mauricio said, but the college will work with   students regardless of where the high school is located.

Also during Wednesday night’s committee meeting, Brown presented future plans   for the former Pinnacle Charter School,   which was shut down closed by state Board of Regents, largely due to a   downturn in scores on state-mandated proficiency tests.

It reopened in September as a district school that was annexed – or   operationally attached – to an existing public school.

Called Annex 115, the students and many of   their teachers were allowed to stay together in the same building in which   Pinnacle operated on Ash Street.

For the 2014-15 school year, Brown’s recommendation is to keep them   together but move them into a school in the district’s inventory.

The way it would work, the district would apply to State Education so that   115 would no longer be annexed.

“It would be a school unto itself, and we   would ask the state to designate it as a school in good standing,” Brown   said.

At the December 4 committee meeting, Brown will propose a specific location   to move the school.

— Deidre Williams


Just   the Facts
Brown, Pamela C
Sent:  Saturday, March 22, 2014 8:29 AM
To:     Board Members

Dear Board Members,

After reading some of the comments in recent articles, I feel compelled   to make the following things clear:

  • I did not ask or expect anyone to make exceptions for Drs. Williams and Alexander regarding the credentials that are required for the positions for which they were hired.
  • I was informed that both of them had the proper certfication.
  • At no time did I approve supporting their involvement in a leadership development program so that they could qualify for the proper certification. This was never a consideration because – again – I thought they were already properly certified.

All the best,

Pam Brown