Responses to The Buffalo News July 11th Article: Paladino’s Debut on Buffalo School Board is Hard-Changing but Civil

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Lookin’ forward to the curves, screw balls, sliders and spit
balls that will be flying towards the madam catcher aka, turned Affirmative
Actions Queen of Harvard’s A A Ez. d linguistics, leader of the pack madam

She best have a good catcher’s mask, chest protector and “cup” cause “she ain’t seen nothin’ yet. And, of course a first base milt because otherwise, she’ll never get there and the milt will be as close as she’ll get to first.

Maybe Bazooka will donate couple of buckets of bubble gum to ease the
tension of the “restless.”

They could work on learning how to work the gum and blow big ole’ bazooka bubbles instead of inhaling “funny” stogies, blowing all the smoke and hot air that clouds and clogs the agenda every Wednesday, when they
show up, summer excluded as voted upon last night.

This gets better and better as to the stupidity they display, You just can’t
make this stuff up!

I’d move that the board authorize a purchase requisition for
new equipment for the madam.

What’s presently used by the district in the high school
athletic dept’s are so badly beat up from misuse, abuse including well sanitary condition that festers isn’t good enough for madam Brown , ed.d A A Harvard’s free lunch program.

It is above her to wear any substandard gear used by the
student’s in her charge. Besides she might get a disease or three.

As far as the bats go……Byrun Erkl better call the city exterminators out to future meetings.

There’s a shake up that’s a commin’. It’s gonna’ have the petty critters
lookin’ for an escape route outa’ Erkl’s Camp Run a Muck faster than the Aldi marshmallow breaking pitch that this board never saw fly by at mock

They better not blink either , cause: “It’s not a Marshmallow World”
anymore. No more HR Fluff and stuff either. That won’t fly

Carl’s turned ON the lights and finally it’s “Time for the fat
lady to sing.”

Carl Paladino means business.

Bravissimo, Carl .

The infamous much denigrated and maligned 20 th. odd son of JS Bach and known by the faithful as PDQ Bach has been reportedly un-earthing, in only the way PDQ could only do, a work so well created that reflefts all that mess Boards have done to create sour notes and bad vibes in every BP

PDQ, with the assistance of Professor Peter Schickele, schollar extrodinare, are colaborating on this dynamic at the Horn and Hardart by Carnaegie Hall. Other citings have been at the Carnagie Deli every other Feb 29th.

This work written, will reflect only the finest music PDQ can plagerize which reflects the death and ressurection of the city’s F double flat school board and leadership.

Thanks to Carl’s blasting twin air horns, being accompanigned by the Gordon Highlander’s Company D Bagpipe Brigade, is sending a resounding charge, making sure the bozos on the other side of common sense “get the wake up call.”

T’will be a Symphony for all to remember.

Let’s come up with some good titles for this up and coming Musical “work”
to celebrate the death of music by the madam Brown, Ez. d. , A A Havard bar and grill’s stool program.

I’m sure ” Professor Pete” would be honored to “commission” the work celebrating the Death and Ressurection of the old and new BPS.

My title suggestion for conversation’s sake is:

‘”The Madam’s BPS Mid Summer Night’s Mere”

Take from there Jamie! The shows just begun.

Awwwwwwwwwww. The Board had to do some work and problem solve.

What will they think of next?

Not meet till September and take a long unearned vacation.

With Carl fully engaged, I believe this board will have no choice but to shape up and begin to consider the children first, and their own interests second. He will be a breath of fresh air – or better yet, a hurricane – in what has been a pretty stagnant institution.

As to Paladino’s e-mail concept, good for you Carl. In too too many school districts the superintendent seems to forget that they work for the board, not the other way around.