Responses to The Buffalo News July 11th Article: Paladino’s Debut on Buffalo School Board is Hard-Changing but Civil

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Jan I 100 % agree with your comments. If I might humbly add the additional suggestion for the chosen few being voted in by far too intelligent few, as follows:

To shape up, which the majority are in dire of such physical rehab. I recommend some five or six current board cronies make use of a BPS gym to physically shape up, and that’s just to try and keep up with Carl’s lightning speed to get the house in order.

Better yet, go out, spend their own money and buy a gym membership at the YMCA. Equipment like that is lacking in Buffalo Public’s physical education classes.

The six or seven “boar ed” of ed members who are out of shape obiviously do not fuction with any logical means.

They need to get on the PE Bandwagon, put their oversized, over stuffed cellulite rear ends to the grind stone.
Blood pressure will drop, cooler heads would be able to work better than the current mediocure display “as seen on TV” News cameras.

By the way, media is not using “wide angle lens to capture this raw footage. Better these bozo’s start with a healthy diet of “Brain” foods. It’s amazing what proper food intake can do to stimulate the stagnant boulder’s on a few shoulder’s.

Otherwise, anything tabled or sent “to committee” will again get lost in their typical B O E shuffle. That’s not on Carl Paladino’s agenda either.Go Get ’em Carl! Great beginnings last evening!

It was reported on Channel 2’s site that the teenager was chastised by a board member for demanding Browns’ dismissal.

I want to know which board member had the audacity to say “Shame on you” to this kid who got up and spoke to the board that serves HIM as a student.

This is the disgusting, holier than thou attitude that has littered this pathetic school district for decades. Newsflash: You’re a board of ed member. You’re not Jesus Christ. That kid has a right to be heard just as anyone else.

And for Massey, the woman with a bat that called for Paladino’s resignation— You’re pathetic. She called him a bully, while she is standing up there bullying the board.
Sure, that’s a great way to start a new relationship with board members.

People need to get over themselves and realize that Carl is going to do his best to change how things are done in this pathetic school district.

No Jamie they are not anything in any way shape or form of Jesus King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Nor are they anything like the Mormons or the great vision of their Devine Elder Joe Smith. Unfortunately to much free bait was still being offered to the community in O’bama free free money lower your interest rate .gov and as always, the “panther patrol” was seen all over the city of brotherly love makin’ sure you’de be hasseled at the polls.

But Romney has the skills and class to act Presedential and be Presidental, but lost. Being a Christian with high morals, he wasn’t going to give free phones and other goodies to unworthy tax or non taxpayers or go for the illegal imigrant vote..just to compromise his Godly values. Nor did he ever rub his Mormon Christanity ia a single face. He, America and Buffalo deserve better.

But for the present, we need to get the douped, dope’s attention to realize life in the city can only be better under honest, smart, sincere, caring educational leadership and kept on task by an honest, sincere, qualified group of community, who choose to become the elected representatives responsible fot the hiring and firing of incompentent supervision, who can’t supervise a linguistics class room, for the minimum five years as the entry point to upper management.

Fire this Madam Brown Bombshell, a Costly one at that.

A bombshell which malfunctions is a DUD.

Over the past ten years and longer, Buffalo has had more than their share of Duds.

Williams & Brown couldn’t hold a candle to the management skills of Romney who lost to O’Bama last November. Yet, he righted the Utah Olympics to a winner. We need Mitt Romney style leadership. People you feel like you know and can trust, Prople that are genuine, who naturally earn your trust. Promises made are always promisses kept.

But their actions do speak and reflect another segment of the Buffalo community called morons. The moranic invasion has got to go. Check the web for the numerous moranic definitions. You won’t find these in your 1955 hip pocket dictionary.

Carl is like a scent of fresh air among this group of self-congratulating, self-centered individuals. Finally one or two people on the board who actually want to work. Perhaps in time, the rest will just go away as the board will take up too much of their time. Yes, all agenda items should be first introduced to the entire board and then assigned to a committee, otherwise the public will never fins out about the various items. Each item assigned to committee should also have a deadline by which it has to be resolved. Otherwise, these items will only pile up in the committee and be – thrown out. As to Brown sharing all corresp, from/with the SED, you bet, that is correct and necessary. She has pulled too many items already – behind our backs and then tried to blame others for her actions. She is in serious need of supervision. Carl, don’t let them get to you. It is mind over matter. If you don’t mind, they don’t matter. As to the sister circle salting the mines in opposition to Carl – how pathetic, the ghetto fab. mentality really showed itself again. I see a group of parents and tax payers forming who had enough of this district’s waste of money and failures. They will probably support Carl as he seems to be the only board member who actually wants to work and get something accomplished. Keep it up Carl and don’t let the merry band of entitlement seekers get the upper hand. This district can be salvaged with people like yourself. HW Hahn

“As to the sister circle salting the mines in opposition to Carl – how pathetic, the ghetto fab. mentality really showed itself again “ .. so true and well said !

His resolution was timely, since Commissioner John B. King Jr. just sent a three-page letter to the superintendent Wednesday denying school-turnaround grant money to East and Lafayette high schools because of their chronically poor performance.

Where is the Board member representing these two schools? Why is she/he not up in arms looking for a solution to change the continued downward slide of these two schools? Their PLA status did not happen overnight. Now the district will lose money because it has not addressed the high failure rate in these two schools. Why did Brown not immediately release this information from the SED and organize an emergency intervention/response team? I realize she has over 40 failing schools, so two schools is no big deal, but it is a big deal when the students from these two schools will leave their H.S. and join the world of unemployment and poverty. Has anyone from the Board or Brown even bothered to visit these two schools and sit down with the students and teachers to see what is wrong, why they are failing consistently? The problem with turn-around programs which require addl. funding is, once the schools performance improves the funding is cut and we are right back to failing. HW Hahn

I wonder what would happen to me if I tried to walk into city hall with a bat. Must be one of Urkle’s Jerkles.

Just to echo another post– how WAS this lunatic woman allowed in to that meeting with a baseball bat ?? Are you kidding me ?? Just curious– being a white male, do you think I would have been allowed in there with a BASEBALL BAT ? I’d STILL be in the Erie County Holding Center !! Let’s hear more talk about racism, double standards and not “offending“ certain people — what a crock ! Lets here your answer to THAT Buffalo School Board and Mr Mayor ! On second thought, don’t bother wasting my time, the answer will be a bucket of regurgitated SEWAGE ! A baseball bat… seriously ?