Our entire upstate delegation of Republican Congressmen along with Congresswoman Elise Stefanik have recently shown their lack of metal, the latest being their alliance with the RINO Establishment on the budget and debt ceiling bill – using the nonsensical excuse that that would be the last appeasement to the Dems and Ryan could start with a clean slate. Instead of keeping their word to their constituents that they would fight for republican conservative values they appear as useless eunuchs who will say whatever it takes to get elected but later drink the Washington cool aid because they have no real values. They should be climbing onto the Trump bus. 

I’m sure the reason they have not come out in favor of New York’s favorite son, Donald Trump, is that they can say they are being loyal to State Republican Chair Ed Cox who is doing everything he can behind the scenes to marginalize Trump.  Cowards do that you know.  They run home to peer from behind their mother’s skirt.

The Albany/ Washington RINO establishment’s complicity with main stream media amazingly announced publicly the retention of a hired gun to slice and dice Trump. They are now beyond desperate. Who do they think is listening?  Their boy Jeb Bush is now in low single digits with Republican voters. The RINOs still think they can manipulate the people.  Becoming irrelevant is difficult on the political parasite class.  Their greed has angered and awakened the silent majority.  They think they can convince the people that Trump will lose to Hillary.  They just don’t get it. 2016 is not an election. It’s a revolution.