State Sen. Catharine Young heralds the Senate’s repeal of the Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2010, legislation she calls “a burdensome, costly mandate on every employer in the state.”

The Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2010 includes a requirement that each year, a written notice on wages be provided by all private sector employers to all employees. Depending on the the method of payment to the employee (hourly, salary, etc.), employers must file a different form, and are required to use a form in the primary language of each employee. The act further requires that employees confirm receipt of this notice with a written acknowledgement that must be retained for six years.

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“The Wage Theft Prevention Act is an anti-economic growth mandate that hurts small businesses and manufacturers,” Sen. Young, R-Olean, says. “It was passed when New York City controlled the Senate and created a costly, duplicative bureaucratic morass.”

Sen. Young was a co-sponsor of the measure to repeal the requirements. The legislation now is in the hands of the State Assembly.

“These mandated notices impose unnecessarily burdensome administrative costs on all private sector employees while doing nothing to improve the state’s economy,” she adds. “A business faces severe fines if it fails to comply with the wage, notice and record keeping requirements. The penalty of $50 per employee could cost large employers thousands of dollars. This legislation removes the crushing weight of a regulatory burden while ensuring significant reforms remain in place that assure payment of all wages earned by employees.”

REMEMBER CARL PALADIN0? The Buffalo real estate developer captured the imaginations of conservatives in New York state in 2010 when he upset Rick Lazio for the Republican nomination to run for governor.

He faced Democrat Andrew Cuomo … and his campaign lost momentum over controversy surrounding what were reported as possibly racist and sexist emails he had sent, as well as his choosing to make purported extramarital affairs by now Gov. Cuomo an election issue.

Mr. Paladino won all eight counties in the Western New York region but, in the end, Mr. Cuomo won relatively handily, with 61 percent of the overall vote in the state.

But that doesn’t mean Mr. Paladino has gone away.

He’s stayed involved in state politics, currently attacking what he calls the “old guard” in the Republican Party in Albany. This past week, he called for either the resignation or removal of Long Island Republican Dean Skelos as Majority Leader of the Senate, accusing him of playing it too cozy with Gov. Cuomo and Democratic majority in the Assembly on facing budget issues.

In a nutshell, “Mad as Hell” Carl believes that Sen. Skelos is part of a “cabal” in Albany that has declared, through creative accounting, that the budget crisis is over so they can continue to do business as usual. New York state remains overtaxed while its politicians overspend, regardless of stated efforts to reduce costs.

Mr. Paladino is calling for what he calls a Free Republican Caucus Initiative to break the “business as usual” attitude in Albany. Here’s an example of the biting rhetoric Mr. Paladino put out in a memo, to Sen. Skelos and other Republican leaders, on the subject:

“Dean, it is obvious to most of the Republican rank and file in New York that your actions over the last 13 months describe a man incapable of representing the interests of the Republican Party.

“Your self-serving and weak demeanor and participation in illusion and theatrics in dealing with the Governor, (Assembly Speaker) Sheldon Silver and the establishment cabal in Albany are an affront to the people who worked so hard to elect a Republican Senate majority only to be thrown under the bus.

“You are either incompetent or diabolical in your indifference to what was expected of you in leading the opposition and highlighting and bargaining for issues vital to your party and the taxpayers. Your inability to demand government transparency or to adopt it as required process in senate deliberations was unacceptable.

“This memo shall serve as my demand, on behalf of the Republican Party rank and file, for your immediate resignation as majority leader of the N.Y. State Senate.

“The Free Republican Caucus Initiative will deal with those other treacherous Republican Senators who with you sold out their integrity and abrogated their pledges to the taxpayers.”

Yes, Carl Paladino is still Mad as Hell.

FOR HIS PART, Sen. Skelos claims that the Senate’s GOP majority has reduced Senate spending by $7.8 million over the last six months and $11.1 million in the last year, “saving hardworking taxpayers millions of dollars while creating a leaner, functional and more efficient state government.”

“By comparison, in the two years Democrats controlled the State Senate, they wildly overspent their budget by $5.7 million and $7.7 million, respectively, and bloated the Senate payroll, spending a whopping $13 million more on staff than was budgeted,” Skelos presser claims.

While spending is down across the board, Senate Republicans have also reduced the chamber’s mailing expenses by $1.7 million, primarily through measures designed to promote greater efficiency and an improved, streamlined process.”


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