The email below is indicative of how many of Hugh Farley’s constituents feel.  

I would like to add the following:

You sold out Upstate, Hugh. Time to pay the piper. You’ve been there too long. You forgot about your constituents. You’re too old and now you’ve become an irrelevant nuisance. Resign. -Carl Paladino  

To Senator Hugh Farley,

Well Mr. Farley, as I stated in my earlier email, I respected you for your past service and I had asked that you not support Skelos by supporting the ‘nuclear option.’

Well, you supported the convicted Dean Skelos, and further sold out Upstate New York by supporting John Flannagan, Skelos’ choice for leader, over DeFrancisco. I would be ashamed of myself if I were you, for selling-out and flushing your reputation of many years of service down the drain. I am sure many in your District will remember this, especially during a time there is an effort to clean up Albany politics. I feel bad that you chose the wrong route. I now believe we know our representative much better than we had previously thought. What a bad mistake for someone I thought had integrity.

From Lou