School Board Election is tomorrow, May 3rd.
Please Remember to Vote for Carl Paladino, Park District Representative

Tomorrow voters in the City of Buffalo will make a critical decision. It is a decision that has the potential to impact generations of young people and determine Buffalo’s future as a growing city where families choose to live and invest.

On Tuesday, May 3, all six district seats on the Buffalo School Board are up for election. This election will determine if the School Board can continue to move the District in a positive, productive direction under the welcome leadership of Superintendent Kriner Cash, or if special interests concerned primarily with self-preservation will regain their grip on the Buffalo Public Schools.  

We all know what is best for Buffalo’s students and our economy, and that is why I am asking you to vote and support the following reform minded candidates.

• Jay McCarthy (North District)
• Bryon McIntyre (Central District)
• James Sampson (West District) – Sampson is mounting a write-in challenge. Voters will need to write-in his name on the ballot after filling in the circle next to the phrase ‘Write-In’.
• Colleen Russell- (East District) Also a ‘write-in’ candidate. Voters will need to write-in his name on the ballot after filling in the circle next to the phrase ‘Write-In’.

These people are committed to working with Superintendent Cash and intently focused on guaranteeing Buffalo’s young people access to a quality education.

The choice in this election is clear and the consequences could not be more serious.

The Buffalo Teachers Federation and its powerful out-of-town allies are working overtime to elect candidates who will block reform at every turn and embrace the status-quo responsible for holding back generations of Buffalo’s youth.

We must demand better. Please encourage your employees living in Buffalo to support reform and vote Tuesday, May 3. Polls are open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm throughout Buffalo. We need their vote to help secure a brighter future for our students and our city.

Accomplishments Under Buffalo School Board Majority

1. Increased Graduation rate from 46% to 61% -the highest level in decades
2. Finished 2015 Operating year in the black while simultaneously eliminating an operating deficit of $15 million left by Pam Brown administration
3. Moved 9 schools from the State “failing” category and moved another 4 schools into the ” good standing”…category
4. First District in the State to implement the Receivership school strategy authorized in Governor Cuomo’s Educational reform act.
5. Recruited and hired Kriner Cash, a nationally recognized reform superintendent.
6. Implemented a complete restructuring of central administration and a much needed reform of the General Counsel’s office.
7. Proposed the first complete rewriting of the Buffalo Teachers contract in 30 years to recover management prerogatives for the assignment and training of teachers, the lengthening of the school year, and the reform of excessive health costs.
8. Approved “New Educational Bargain for Buffalo” which includes an extended school day, and smaller early elementary class sizes for the most at risk students.
9. Initiated the opening of 16 “community schools” to afford high quality schools in the neighborhoods where our students reside.
10. Initiated a renewed effort to provide career and occupational training for non college bound students. Expanded culinary arts Emerson High School as a first phase.
11. Created a robust educational program for English Language Learners and the growing immigrant and refugee community. Program includes an expansion of international elementary school 45, and the opening of a newcomer academy for recent immigrants.
12. Recruited John Starkey from the highly successful International Institute of New York to become Principle of Lafayette’s new international high school.
13. Launched and audit and civil complaint to recover excess spending by the Joint Schools construction fund.
14. Restored Physical education to every elementary school in the district
15. Greatly expanded Teacher for America program